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[Sud Express] Digitizing HR processes and providing a strong experience for teams in stores

Date of creation

About Sud Express

Sud Express is a family ready-to-wear company created in 1977 manufacturing and distributing its collections first in wholesale, through multi-brand boutiques, then with the first opening in 1992 of a first boutique established in a 100% Sud Express concept.

Today Sud Express has 150 own-brand boutiques, 95 directly-operated boutiques, 60 affiliated partners, 28 corners within Galeries Lafayette as well as wholesale customers in France and abroad.

It is a company on a human scale, with teams loyal to the project and welded together to make the brand evolve at its best since its creation.

At Sud Express, the values of quality and refinement are in the spotlight. Fine and delicate materials, fitted cuts, the brand strives to highlight women with chic pieces with impeccable fit. The Sud Express collections adapt to all morphologies and styles.

Recently, the brand has taken the step of digitalization, replacing, for example, cash registers on the sales floor with touch-sensitive shelves. With this in mind, Sud Express wanted to digitize its employee experience to make it more unique and called on HeyTeam.

Digitisation, commitment and skills development

The success of Sud Express and therefore the opening of new boutiques has led to an increase in the number of employees year after year. The successful integration of its new employees has thus become an increasingly important issue. With HeyTeam, the HR teams have been able to become more efficient. We have automated the steps of the integration process such as the collection of administrative documents before the D-day, the coordination between the HR and management teams and the training of new employees.

More concretely, the HeyTeam platform sends automatic reminders to new employees to fill in their personal information. "We save precious time" emphasises the HR department. If new employees wish, they can even describe their passions, share them with her team and interact with other employees.

Managers also have access to the HeyTeam platform. This gives them visibility on future arrivals and they can organize a team lunch, prepare a welcome pack or even the new employee's office. HeyTeam thus enables Sud Express managers to be more involved in the integration process.

On the training side, new employees have access to video content or documents depending on their store location and position, directly in their onboarding program. "The filter system developed by HeyTeam is really useful," explains the HR department.

"Thanks to HeyTeam, we have increased employee satisfaction by 20% and thus reduced our turnover."

A platform accessible on all media

At Sud Express, depending on the position, some employees do not have computers. However, we want to deliver a strong employee experience to all. With HeyTeam, they can access the platform directly on their mobile. New employees receive notifications from the platform and have the possibility to view their onboarding program whenever they want. "The platform is responsive. In any case, new employees are supported in their integration," says the HR department.

"The filter system developed by HeyTeam is really useful"
Benjamin Bellaiche