Create your own customized HR paths with HeyTeam workflows

For each of your employees' key moments, create complete workflows thanks to a set of actions that respond to your different challenges!

A no-code tool for building customized workflows, one action at a time

Customize targeting and content

Au sein d’un même workflow, vous avez la possibilité de personnaliser les tâches en fonction des parties prenantes, des lieux, du métier, du pôle, etc.

Send the relevant action at the relevant moment

Each action is automatically triggered according to your chosen deadlines, enabling you to sequence the entire employee journey.

A resource and action catalog to best fulfill your needs

Get documents signed and retrieved, collect recurring information or supporting documents (travel tickets, employment contracts, health insurance forms or waivers, vacations, etc.) and manage reminders: HR administration will no longer be an ordeal thanks to HeyTeam!
Thanks to multi-completion and multi-signature, all parties involved can efficiently collaborate on administrative documents, saving time and improving efficiency!
Video, training document, link to an LMS, etc. efficiently communicate with your employees about the training they need.
Gamify the cultural familiarization of new employees with the company by creating quizzes on important company information. Thanks to HeyTeam, learning becomes more fun for employees!
Save time and automate all informative or administrative emails.
Collective agreements, best practice guides, etc. your new employees are simply informed of everything they need to know! They'll then be able to find all the documents they need as soon as they need them.
Equipment & materials
Anticipate and remind stakeholders of equipment and supplies orders, so that the new employee is up and running from day 1!
Software & tools
As soon as they arrive, your employees can access the software and tools they need to carry out their tasks.
Efficiently identify your company's strengths and areas for improvement, by scheduling targeted surveyx for all employees on the platform
Exporting results makes analyzing strengths and weaknesses effortless!
Encourage positive behavior from your employees by using subtle signals, improving their motivation, productivity and well-being at work.
Automate the planning of formal events (e.g. end of trial period interviews) or informal ones (welcome breakfasts).
Motivate your employees by creating a fun and stimulating environment for learning and personal development.
Plan tasks: prepare the new employee's welcome pack and workspace, schedule medical check-ups...

For event more customization and automation, HeyTeam workflows integrate all your HR and communication tools

Payfit, Slack, Workday, etc.: Avoid duplicate entries by connecting HeyTeam to your usual tools!

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