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[Devoteam] Creating and maintaining a connection with consultants on assignment

Date of creation

About Devoteam

Founded in 1995, Devoteam is a French digital services company specializing in innovative technology consulting (information systems security, cloud computing, big data) and management for companies.

Present in 18 countries in Europe and the Middle East and with 25 years of experience, the group improves the performance of companies by supporting the adoption of digital uses and building state-of-the-art infrastructures.

Today, Devoteam has 7,600 employees and generates a turnover of 762 million euros in 2019. The company recruits more than 50 people every month.

The HR challenges are major for the successful integration of these massive arrivals. The consulting sector is particularly challenging because most of the employees carry out their mission on the customer's premises, and therefore have less physical connection with the company.

Matthieu Rivière explains that the real challenge is that of pre-boarding, in a highly competitive market. "The 3 months notice period is long and we want to keep in touch so we don't take the risk that the future employee might change his mind during this period," he explains. After that, it is essential to keep in touch during the onboarding phase, because after the first day of integration at Devoteam's premises, some employees do not have the opportunity to come back regularly, especially in the Paris region.

Maintaining the link with the consultants when they are assigned to customer sites is therefore a major challenge for Devoteam. It is a necessity to maintain the commitment of employees and reduce the no-show, a real scourge in the sector, as well as turnover, which has a significant business impact and high associated HR costs. Devoteam has decided to work with HeyTeam to meet these challenges.

"We set up Heyteam to create a strong bond with our consultants from the very first moments" says Auriane d'Elloy de Bonninghen, Project Manager Employee Experience.

Thanks to a unique personalization of the platform in the company's colors, future newcomers are immersed in the Devoteam universe. "They can understand our history, our vision and our values. This allows us to strengthen our corporate culture, enhance our employer brand and develop a strong bond with the employee" continues Auriane d'Elloy de Bonninghen.

As soon as the contract is signed, HeyTeam makes it possible to provide new employees with content even before they join the company. In one click, Devoteam managers create personalized programs for future consultants. They provide them with training documents related to their missions, enabling them to be operational very quickly. "Between the hiring promise and the D-day, employees feel accompanied".

"From the very first moment, you feel at home at Devoteam".

On the HR side: a flexible and automated platform

HeyTeam is very flexible in the management of different onboardings depending on the nature of the employee's contract. At Devoteam, we manage the arrival of permanent and fixed-term contracts, as well as interns and work-study students. "The tag system is a real advantage" explains Auriane d'Elloy de Bonninghen. We can allocate different resources depending on the position, and even the workplace. In this way, each employee benefits from a strong and personalized employee experience, which is complex to set up in general.

"We were able to automate low value-added tasks and thus focus on the experience we deliver". Sending automatic emails allows us to engage employees to interact with the company by committing to the platform. Thanks to HeyTeam, they have real visibility into their future career paths within the company and can measure their progress. " Welcome day, video presentation, annual interview... Everything can be planned".

On the administrative level, the platform allows us to easily and securely collect employees' administrative documents. During the pre-boarding phase, we send automatic reminders to employees to fill in their personal information. If the new employee wishes, he can even describe his passions, share them with his team and thus interact with other employees.

Coordination & follow-up

The platform also allows us to coordinate our managers, IT and administrative managers to ensure that everything works For example, we remind managers to set team points and organize lunches and activities beforehand. "To deliver a strong employee experience, details matter. Dashboards allow us to see at a glance how well the process is going before and after our consultants arrive. »

Saving time and increasing employee commitment

Thanks to HeyTeam, we have seen significant improvements on several levels," said Matthieu Riviere Talent Management & Acquisition Director:

"We set up Heyteam to create a strong bond with our consultants from the very first moments"
Matthieu Riviere
Talent Management & Acquisition Director