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[Decathlon] Delivering a personalized employee experience at scale

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How was HeyTeam helpful to Decathlon?

"Integration was not experienced in the same way in all stores. HeyTeam now allows us to offer the same innovative, digital and fun experience that is very much appreciated by new teammates (8.8/10).

With the HeyTeam platform, we can easily tailor onboarding programs by city, job, channel, or contract type and save leaders a ton of time.

Now new teammates feel expected and supported. This helps reassure them even before they arrive at the company and during their first months at Decathlon."


"HeyTeam has also allowed us to reinvent the integration of our apprentices."

At Decathlon, apprentices represent a real talent pool! "20% of Decathlon's leaders come from work-study programs"

But, "Talking about administrative difficulties is an understatement: it's a real pain. It's one of the frustrations that makes some companies not want to recruit apprentices" - Testified Kamel Medjabra, Employer Brand & School Relations Manager.

Today, HeyTeam allows Decathlon to save up to 10 hours on each apprenticeship contract and to offer them the best integration, even before their arrival in the company.

We're thrilled to have a fully automated program that meets our user expectations
Justine Deroubaix
HR Project Manager