Automate and digitalize your HR campaigns

Simplify the coordination of your HR communications with our powerful workflow tool: targeted, high-impact messages to reach your objectives faster than ever.

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Coordinate your HR milestones and mobilize employees and their managers

HR Administration Management 🔥

Simplify your recurring and time-consuming campaigns, and automatically collect the necessary documents and information : health insurance waiver, transport receipts, paid leave reminders, etc.

Training Paths

Increase the impact of your training programs:

  • Inform and follow-up with your target group
  • Evaluate skills before / after
  • Measure satisfaction

Feedback and Pulse

Evaluate employee satisfaction on a continuous and targeted basis to :

  • Maintain strong commitment
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Reduce turnover

Strategic communication

Share essential information on a large scale in a personalized format:

  • Health prevention
  • CSR policy
  • Diversity and inclusion guidelines
  • Etc.

This way, reinforce your employer branding actions towards all your employees.

Easily automate all your HR operations

Workflows for easy, agile personalization

Automate and roll out your tailor-made HR campaigns on a large scale thanks to a set of actions (emails, questionnaires, videos, etc.), triggered by milestone events.

Project yourself easily with our program simulation system.

A solution adapted to companies of all sizes

Manage your different subsidiaries in a single platform.

Adapt your programs to the different time zones.

Offer programs in every language.

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These companies have chosen HeyTeam for their employees experience

Executive Policy Correspondent @ SNCF

“The HeyTeam platform is a tool, a lever, to go further in quantity and quality. It is a greatly balanced mix of digital, human and relational aspects all in one”.

Benoit Pacceu
Director of HR development @ Kiloutou

“HeyTeam really promotes the interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

Julien Ducreuzet
HR Project Manager @ Aramisauto

"100% of our employees received a professional and warm welcome, and of those, 72% say they had a “WOW” experience!"

Bérenger Fassler
HRIS Project Manager @ Caisse des Dépôts Group

"The platform doesn't consume time, it saves time. Our teams didn't expect HeyTeam to be so beneficial to all stakeholders."

Manon Abjean
Recruitment Manager @ Prisma Media

"We chose HeyTeam because the tool is very customizable, non-linear, we can really adapt it ..."

Auriane d’Elloy de Bonninghen
Employee Experience Project Manager @ Devoteam

"We set up HeyTeam to create a strong bond with our consultants, right from the start. "

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