More than 220 companies manage their employee career paths and HR processes more efficiently

Retail, Industry, Transport, Public Sector, Healthcare, Banking, Consulting...
All these sectors already rely on HeyTeam to offer their employees the best possible career path!

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An HR solution for creating ultra-personalized career paths

Send the right message to the right person at the right time, via the right channel, for greater impact and engagement.


Offer the best integration process

Make administrative management easier, start creating ties as soon as the promise to hire is made, and facilitate cultural integration.

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Key moments

Easily manage offboarding and employee mobility

Take care of your employees at every stage of their careers and boost your employer brand.

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HR campaigns

Optimize HR communications and administrative management

Automate the collection of information and administrative documents, and improve all your HR communications by targeting and sequencing key messages.

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With HeyTeam, HR teams are more relaxed and employees more engaged

-15% turnover reduction
"Yes, yes and yes, HeyTeam is adapted to field populations. HeyTeam really encourages interaction between employees and reinforces team spirit"
Benoit PACCEU, HR dev. manager
8,8/10 (NPS)
"Onboarding was not experienced in the same way in all stores. Today, HeyTeam enables us to offer the same innovative, digital and fun experience to new hires, and it is greatly appreciated."
J. Deroubaix, HR project manager
Committed new hires!
"It's the end-users who chose Heyteam for its user-friendliness, design, and ease of use. HeyTeam offers numerous possibilities, and we haven't finished exploring what we can do!"
Pierre Lignon, HR project manager
+20% satisfaction
"We've noticed a tremendous increase in satisfaction with our onboarding thanks to HeyTeam."
Veolia VSEI
Mélanie Hébert, HR dev. Dir.

Features to meet all your HR needs

Dynamic documents

Easily generate and send personalized documents in bulk, such as binding employment offers, employment contracts... all automatically pre-filled.

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Offer a customized, large-scale employee experience, from onboarding to offboarding, thanks to the facilitated management of all your business units.

Online welcome booklet

Foster cultural integration and federate the teams, while enhancing your employer brand!

Mobile app with your corporate colors

A seamless, user-friendly experience at everyone's fingertips, especially for field staff (on production sites, in warehouses, in stores, etc.).

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Data & Insights

Easily measure and drive your HR strategy and actions thanks to real-time data.

AI assistant

Our generative and conversational AI Our generative and conversational AI facilitates access to relevant and immediate information.

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HeyTeam integrates all your HR and communication tools

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