Support your managers at every key moment

Make it easier for your managers to take up their position, help them and your team  succeed.

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of employees leave the company because of bad management.
of managers find their job stressful
of executives do not want to be a manager

Turn your managers into coaches

You are not born a manager, you become one

Automate the onboarding process for new managers.

Create personalized programs to accelerate their acquisition of new skills and reduce the mental load of managers

Give them the tools and the means to succeed

Provide managers with a library of useful content. (Manager's guide, best practices, recommendations, coaching elements)

Connect HeyTeam to your LMS to be redirected to your existing content.

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Send the right information at the right moment

Automatically trigger tips, reminders and activations

Share the right information for every important event (new recruit, departure, mobility...) to gain performance

Trigger the right activation at the right time

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Get inspired by our templates

Build the management vision of the future

Support managers to help them succeed in their daily responsibilities

Make team life management easy (1:1, balance sheet, performance, recognition, etc.)

Support managers at every key moment. (Taking up a position, promotion, departures, parental leave, burn-out, etc.)

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Create the management vision of tomorrow

Turn your managers into team coaches that take care of the well-being and the development of each employee.

Involve managers in the major transformations of the company:
- CSR (inclusiveness, equal opportunities, environmental issues, responsibility)
- QLW (mental health, support, personal life, work environment)

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These companies have chosen HeyTeam for their employees experience

Executive Policy Correspondent @ SNCF

“The HeyTeam platform is a tool, a lever, to go further in quantity and quality. It is a greatly balanced mix of digital, human and relational aspects all in one”.

Benoit Pacceu
Director of HR development @ Kiloutou

“HeyTeam really promotes the interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

Julien Ducreuzet
HR Project Manager @ Aramisauto

"100% of our employees received a professional and warm welcome, and of those, 72% say they had a “WOW” experience!"

Bérenger Fassler
HRIS Project Manager @ Caisse des Dépôts Group

"The platform doesn't consume time, it saves time. Our teams didn't expect HeyTeam to be so beneficial to all stakeholders."

Manon Abjean
Recruitment Manager @ Prisma Media

"We chose HeyTeam because the tool is very customizable, non-linear, we can really adapt it ..."

Auriane d’Elloy de Bonninghen
Employee Experience Project Manager @ Devoteam

"We set up HeyTeam to create a strong bond with our consultants, right from the start. "

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