Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the service of HR

Our generative and conversational AI facilitates access to relevant and immediate information.It has the power to revolutionize the daily lives of HR and employees.

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Capi, the AI assistant
reinventing HR coaching

Thanks to Capi, take your day-to-day work a step further!

Be faster and more efficient
Be (even) more relevant and exhaustive
Reach all employees

How does Capi support you
on a daily basis?

 Automatically generate and optimize your HR programs and campaigns

A true time and creativity saver, Capi generates the ideal program for you and suggests the best options for improving the employee experience. All you have to do is fine-tune it if you so desire!

All HR information immediately accessible

Capi responds quickly and accurately to all employee HR queries - on administrative processes, benefits or any other HR matter - to ensure seamless, transparent HR management.

Guidance and best practices recommendations

Gathering advice or suggested resources, generating questionnaires to respond to an internal challenge... Capi works like a coach, supporting your teams in all situations.

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Capi, enriched AI for HR

How does Capi work?

Capi is based on OpenAI's advanced technology, enriched by HeyTeam's HR expertise. This unique combination ensures precise, personalized responses to your company's HR needs.

  • Native version: our AI is trained and continuously improved thanks to our HR expertise (best practices, onboarding programs, etc.).
  • Advanced version: Choose the data from your platform and your company so that our AI can work directly on your programs and processes, in complete compliance with security protocols.

With Capi, security and control come first

CAPI intègre un mécanisme d'anonymisation qui protège vos données personnelles et confidentielles.

Lorsque vous posez des questions, ce mécanisme masque toute information sensible avant son traitement par l’IA.

Capi, notre assistant IA est conçu pour vous fournir des informations utiles sans jamais compromettre vos données.

These companies have chosen HeyTeam for their employees experience

Executive Policy Correspondent @ SNCF

“The HeyTeam platform is a tool, a lever, to go further in quantity and quality. It is a greatly balanced mix of digital, human and relational aspects all in one”.

Benoit Pacceu
Director of HR development @ Kiloutou

“HeyTeam really promotes the interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

Julien Ducreuzet
HR Project Manager @ Aramisauto

"100% of our employees received a professional and warm welcome, and of those, 72% say they had a “WOW” experience!"

Bérenger Fassler
HRIS Project Manager @ Caisse des Dépôts Group

"The platform doesn't consume time, it saves time. Our teams didn't expect HeyTeam to be so beneficial to all stakeholders."

Manon Abjean
Recruitment Manager @ Prisma Media

"We chose HeyTeam because the tool is very customizable, non-linear, we can really adapt it ..."

Auriane d’Elloy de Bonninghen
Employee Experience Project Manager @ Devoteam

"We set up HeyTeam to create a strong bond with our consultants, right from the start. "