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[Kiloutou] Reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement through an onboarding tool

Equipment rental
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About Kiloutou

Founded in 1980, the Kiloutou Group is the 2nd equipment rental company in France and the 3rd in Europe with the widest range of equipment on the market. The group offers an offer adapted to a diversified clientele: building and public works companies, craftsmen, SMEs, local authorities or private individuals in need of professional equipment.

Faithful to its values of customer passion, a taste for performance, trust in people and sustainable development, Kiloutou is pursuing its mission: to simplify the life of all its customers, wherever they are, by developing practical solutions and services.

In 2019, Kiloutou will generate revenues of 735 million euros. The group's network relies on the skills and professionalism of more than 6,000 team members in France, Poland, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Convinced that the satisfaction of its customers is a reflection of the satisfaction of its employees, Kiloutou makes it a point of honour to ensure the fulfilment of its teams at the heart of its ecosystem. Recruitment, integration, retention and professionalization are the key elements of its management strategy focused on the employee experience.

With this in mind, the Kiloutou Group wanted to work with HeyTeam.

HeyTeam honors our history and corporate culture.

At Kiloutou, the employer brand is a strong issue. It is an integral part of the HR strategy. With HeyTeam, as soon as the contract is signed, the employee is taken by the hand. The platform is in Kiloutou's colors. On the company page, new employees can learn about the company's history and the vision we have. The different values are also presented.

"It's very visual and effective for the employees. They immediately understand the Kiloutou DNA," emphasizes Benoit Pacceu.

In a group, communication between teams is value-creating. On the HeyTeam platform, Kiloutou employees have a profile on which they can fill in a short presentation as well as their passions. "HeyTeam really encourages interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit" says Benoit Pacceu. From the very first days, exchanges are more fluid and employees understand each other's role more quickly.

We want to be as close as possible to new employees from the very first moments. To do this, we have videos of discovery, which we wanted to highlight. On the Heyteam platform, we can integrate this content directly into the onboarding programs. The experience of the employees is even richer" explains Benoit Pacceu.

A real management tool

"In terms of riding, dashboards offer a real advantage," explains Benoit Pacceu. At a glance, HR teams, managers or IT managers can visualize upcoming onboardings, overdue tasks, launch reminders automatically, measure employee satisfaction. The analysis is even finer when we enter an employee's onboarding program. Teams can evaluate the progress of employees according to different criteria: administrative, training, hardware, events, software. In this way, HeyTeam enables us to make sure that the integration process runs smoothly.

The HR teams wanted a tool capable of collecting feedback so that they could analyse the satisfaction of their teams but also carry out personal assessments. Thanks to HeyTeam, we were able to create customizable questionnaires as well as integration assessments for the different teams. "The advantage of HeyTeam is that the platform not only allows us to survey the teams, but also to analyze the answers provided by the employees" explains Benoit Pacceu. The platform gives the possibility to obtain statistics and thus to get concrete and quantified feedback on the experience of the employees.

"In terms of riding, dashboards offer a real advantage"
Benoit Pacceu
Directeur du développement RH