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[Jellysmack] Creating a strong sense of belonging within the company for new hires

Date of creation

About Jellysmack

Founded in 2016, Jellysmack is one of the most dynamic media groups of its generation. With more than 3 billion video views per month, Jellysmack brings together the most active and engaged social networking communities, connecting millennials who share the same passions: soccer (Oh My Goal), gaming (Gamology), beauty (Beauty Studio), puzzles (Riddle Me This), amazing ideas (Genius Club) and DIY (Genius Craft). 💻

Jellysmack creates relevant videos using machine learning technology. This technology identifies social media trends and optimizes the performance of the videos. (Users, by watching it, allow the video to go viral).

Originally named Keli Network, the company quickly became Jellysmack and raised $14 million.

Strong growth and rapid expansion, particularly on the American continent, required a significant increase in staff in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. There is a need for young talent, particularly from the Millennials generation. A "digi-native" and hyper-connected generation, they have a perfect command of social networks. At Jellysmack, the average age of employees is 24. In order to be able to manage the integrations and the increase in skills of the employees, Jellysmack was looking for a tool that could meet its needs. HeyTeam is the company's privileged partner and supports it in its formidable adventure. 🤝

A strong need for employees to belong

"Our employees love the gaming side of the platform," says Mathilde Neiman, COO of Jellysmack. Responsive, the interface can be used anywhere, anytime on a smartphone. 📱

Millennials make up the majority of the startup's workforce. "It's true that there is a strong need for independence and autonomy which directed us towards a tool that can meet this expectation" continues Mathilde Neiman. "We really wanted to create a strong sense of identification with the company". 🎥

HeyTeam has helped the startup to improve the feeling of belonging to the company thanks to a good employee experience and by making all the steps of the integration process very clear. The human and modern side was appreciated by the employees as was the video presentation of their manager at the beginning of the onboarding process. The personalized messages and the possibility to invite employees directly to an event allow managers to create a real scenario for onboardee. 👣

Featuring a modern and nice design, the directory made it easy to search within Jellysmack. All employees, both in the American and French offices, appreciate the simplicity and performance of the directory. Because it is not just a simple paper clip, searches can be filtered by department, office or location (useful when offices are 6000 km away!).

Mathilde Neiman goes further in her description and states that "HeyTeam's platform allows us to train employees more quickly, to ensure that our processes are respected and that there is no forgetting".

The onboarding program is a real game with a cascading sequence of tasks. In order to unlock the next level, you have to complete the current one. This created curiosity among Jellysmack employees, who immediately approved the idea. 🤚🏼

"Our employees love the gaming side of the platform"
Mathilde Neiman