HeyTeam, who are we?

HeyTeam assists businesses in providing an engaging and personalized employee experience from onboarding to offboarding.

"From 2007 to 2017, I managed Cafeyn and encountered an HR issue: the integration of new employees.

We were recruiting hundreds of people at the same time to meet the growing demand. However, the only tools available at the time were static, transactional tools that focused on administrative tasks but provided no communication with employees. I realized we needed a solution to handle the onboarding of many employees as well as provide an appealing employee experience in order to retain them.

So I decided to develop HeyTeam: a tool that is not only transactional but also relational! I had the idea and the desire, but I needed a tech expert to make it a reality. And it was eventually Tony Caron who helped me bring this idea to life.

Today, we accompany employees at each critical step of their journey, and we want human relationships to be the foundation of our company."

Nathaniel Philippe, HeyTeam founder

The team

HeyTeam currently employs more than 50 people.

Our board of directors

Nathaniel Philippe


Tony Caron


Yaël Dahan


Yannis Achour


Berangere Chauvenet


How we have grown

More than 15 millions raised

We have been able to expand HeyTeam and assist more and more companies with current and future HR challenges because of the investors who believed in our project. Our ambition is to become the industry leader in the employee journey.

More than 50 000 users

Adopted HeyTeam to improve key team moments

More than 200 clients

have used Hey Team to improve key moments for their teams, including: SNCF, Veolia, Decathlon, PWC, Kiloutou, CDC, Jellysmack, OCTO, ODDO BHF, Plastic Omnium, Ubisoft, Aramis auto, MAIF, and many others.

Our Values


Ambition and success are shared by our team! We strive to meet the needs of businesses while also providing the best experience possible for employees who use this tool.


In a context of continual change, our team is continuously updating to adapt quickly to new challenges and anticipate future needs the best way possible. 

Positive attitude

Relationships are the foundation of our company, and employee well-being is critical to retention. It is important for us to foster an enjoyable work environment and to share a spirit of humor with our employees and with you on a daily basis.

Open to feedback

We listen to our clients in order to understand their issues and meet their requirements. That includes discussing among ourselves with kindness, accepting feedback, understanding where we need to improve, and constantly improving.

HeyTeam is constantly looking for new employees for a variety of positions

HeyTeam is a great project with lofty goals, but above all, it is a fantastic team without whom nothing would be possible!

Join us !