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[CPAM] Modernizing HR processes

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About the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (CPAM)

The Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie is one of the 4 branches of the social security system that protects the health of everyone - in their personal or professional life - on a long-term basis by acting on behalf of everyone. In concrete terms, it supports 67 million policyholders throughout their lives, providing care regardless of their resources, situation or state of health.

It also plays a regulatory role in the healthcare system, constantly seeking to reconcile the best quality of care with the best cost, through its analyses, proposals and actions in the field. To improve the efficiency of the system, it works hand in hand with healthcare professionals and institutions, companies and all stakeholders.

For more than 70 years, the Social Security system has played a major role in the service of French national solidarity.

The Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie carries out all of its missions with the aim of ensuring the best quality of service. To do so, it relies on a local network that covers the entire country and the commitment of 580 employees, out of the 85,000 employees of the Social Security system, who work day after day at the departmental, regional and national levels. Together, on a daily basis, they bring its values of universality, solidarity, responsibility and innovation to life.

Wishing to modernize its image and offer a unique and engaging experience to its employees, the CPAM wanted to call on HeyTeam.

HeyTeam has enabled CPAM to modernize our image.

Bringing our image up to date so that we can attract employees more easily was one of our priorities.

To achieve this, we automated the entire integration process, starting with the administrative part. Thanks to HeyTeam, CPAM automatically collect the administrative documents before D-day. The platform encourages new employees to submit their identity documents, mutual insurance company membership forms, diplomas, etc. The platform is also used to encourage new employees to submit their identity documents. "It's very efficient. We save precious time," emphasizes Philippe Marchal.

In addition, we have many documents relating to the history of the company and its activity that we wanted to make available to new employees during the pre-boarding phase: information booklet, organization chart, activity report, etc. "Before the arrival of the new employees, the real difficulty is to make sure that the information distributed is complete and adapted to their position as well as to their mission" explains Philippe Marchal. HeyTeam makes it very easy to assign a customized resource package based on multiple characteristics.

An engaging collaborative experience

In line with our modernization strategy, we wanted to go further and offer a strong and engaging employee experience.

Thanks to the HeyTeam platform, we have been able to set up rich and comprehensive onboarding programs. For example, we have included events such as "participating in an integration café". On the training side, we have been able to integrate different types of content: a presentation of the CPAM or a video explaining the history and major missions of the social security system.

"With HeyTeam, new employees have the feeling of being at the center of our attention and are truly taken by the hand," explains Bouchra Bouanane.

HeyTeam also gives employees the opportunity to express themselves, which makes them pro-active. Via the customizable questionnaires we were able to integrate follow-up interviews, evaluation reports and surprise reports. They can thus provide us with feedback on their experience at CPAM throughout their life cycle. HR teams, managers and sponsors can thus better understand their employees and subsequently adapt to their expectations.

Thanks to the HeyTeam platform, we have been able to set up rich and comprehensive onboarding programs.
Philippe Marchal
Manager Stratégique DDRHRSo at CPAM Meurthe-et-Moselle