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About mon-marché.fr

Defending good food every day by offering the most beautiful card of fresh products in 1 hour delivery, this is the mission of Mon-marché's teams.

Extra-fresh vegetables, fish or meat with controlled freshness and traceability, ripe fruits that taste great or that delicious little creamy goat cheese, their will is to write a beautiful story for the taste lovers.  

Developers, buyers, suppliers, logisticians, deliverers, marketers... all share the same passion: that of the happy customer. They all have at heart to offer every day a memorable experience and the best fresh produce at the right price. In this ultra-competitive sector, the team's passion and agility allow them to nurture great ambitions, and growth is on the agenda!

An onboarding process that used to be succinct and not harmonized.

"Before HeyTeam was established, the onboarding process was succinct and amounted to a welcome breakfast for the lucky ones," says Sarah, Talent Acquisition Specialist at my-market. Sometimes new joiners could benefit from a few isolated actions, but that depended on the manager and how much time he or she gave to onboarding.

Therefore, onboarding was a big challenge for my market.

First of all, the onboarding experience was disparate depending on the location of recruitment (in offices or warehouses). This challenge is increasing with the upcoming opening of new warehouses.

Secondly, given the strong growth and volume of recruitments, the processes were becoming complex and difficult for the HR team to control.  

Finally, in a logic of efficiency and employee experience, Mon-marché was looking for the possibility to propose onboarding programs adapted to the profiles of the new recruits. The objective being to be able to generate in an automated way the programs according to the profiles of the candidates, their job (sales, marketing, developer), and their localization.

To meet these three challenges, mon-marché has chosen Heyteam to support it in the integration process of these new recruits.

"HeyTeam thinks of everything: a highly personalized approach, an intuitive and visual dashboard, a special attention dedicated to the onboardee experience. I felt awaited and really integrated, even before my arrival at my market " Margot, onboardee  

Ease of use, simple access to information and customization of routes

In July 2020, the HR People Team launched its new onboarding program with Heyteam which includes :

Personalized integration programs for each new employee according to their profile. These programs were created by the Business Leaders and the HR People Team:

"With heyteam, I have all the information related to my onboarding at my fingertips! The main dashboard is very handy, it allows me to see where I'm at and prioritize my tasks. "Martin, onboardee

The HeyTeam platform of mon-marché.fr

The HR team underlines the fact that the platform allows to better support onboardees thanks to the possibilities of personalization, by creating and sharing adapted content.

"Heyteam is a practical and intuitive tool that facilitates my onboardee journey and allows me to know what actions to take for optimal integration! "Pauline, onboardee

The team also appreciates the simplicity of the tool's handling and use. After only two weeks of configuration, the first onboarding courses were already launched! "Everything is very intuitive," says Sarah.

Finally, an essential point concerns the improvement of the experience for managers. For the managers, the platform delivers a perfectly clear and detailed roadmap that allows them to follow their onboarding during the first 6 months in the company and to get feedback very regularly. 

"My team and I wanted our new employees to be part of our story and feel that they were expected even before their first day. We wanted to offer them a welcome worthy of the name and in line with our values and our way of working together, while taking into account the new methods of multi-site and/or remote work. HeyTeam allowed us to do this and to condense into a simple and practical tool all the steps of the integration process, while fully involving the sponsors but also the managers and the rest of the team"! Loïse, HR Director

Why mon-marché.fr choose HeyTeam?

"HeyTeam is a tool that we found adapted to the needs of our structure: very easy to use, it allows us to automate a large number of actions for both the manager and the HR People Team. It also makes it easy to exchange information via chat before the new joiner arrives" says Margot, HR specialist at my-market.

In addition, Heyteam allows you to create links: it is possible to inform all employees of the arrival of a new recruit and everyone can welcome him or her to the platform, for example by sending a short video.

Finally, the mon-marché team particularly appreciates the support provided by the HeyTeam teams. "The team really listens and organizes weekly meetings to answer all our questions and adapt the tool to new needs, which is very much appreciated" adds Sarah.

To go further: remote onboarding, internal mobility, feedback management.

The mon-marché team continues to work on the content of its integration programs, to offer an ever-improving onboarding experience by making greater use of gaming functionalities (quizzes, nudges, videos, etc.).

Secondly, one of the challenges lies in the integration of new remote collaborators. Indeed, in the current context and with the intensification of telecommuting, my-market teams will probably have to organize more and more remote onboarding. With Heyteam, mon-marché is now equipped to manage the creation and monitoring of these remote onboardings with complete peace of mind.

In addition, beyond onboarding, mon-marché is already thinking of using Heyteam for the management of other HR issues.

First of all, mobility management. Indeed, in addition to being an onboarding tool, the platform offers the possibility of creating any type of HR path, particularly internal mobility. The objective is to provide the best possible support to employees as they take up their new positions, while facilitating the process for HR teams.

Next, mon-marché would like to set up a system for collecting and analyzing feedback from its employees, particularly regarding well-being at work. Heyteam offers modules around engagement, such as the feedback functionality, which automates the sending of personalized questionnaires to survey employees on their satisfaction and expectations. A powerful tool, must have RH, for collecting data and adapting processes and organization according to employees' expectations!

More great projects still to come!

To be continued :)

"HeyTeam thinks of everything: a highly personalized approach, an intuitive and visual dashboard, a special attention dedicated to the onboardee experience. I felt awaited and really integrated, even before I arrived at my market.