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L'éclair de génie

Date of creation

About L'éclair de génie

In 2012, renowned pastry chef Christophe Adam will launch Éclair de Génie, a creative concept as innovative as it is gourmet. Offering a wide range of eclairs, delicious chocolates and macaroons, l'Éclair de Génie concept stores offer a unique experience full of color and flavor. Present in 8 countries such as Italy, Japan and Georgia, l'Éclair de Génie is one of the representatives of French gastronomy in the world.

In the space of six years, Christophe Adam, with the support of Déborah Temam, has developed the company to count today about 15 stores. The boutique is imagined as a showcase for his precious eclairs, and is a true concept store.

A necessary awareness of the "French Touch

The numerous openings of pastries around the world have created a need for recruitment. New recruits with whom it is essential to share the company's culture. "It was important to make salespeople aware of the history that exists around lightning and what it represents," says Déborah Temam.

However, the existing training system was no longer adapted with the company's needs. To overcome the problem, Christophe Adam and Déborah Temam decided to collaborate with HeyTeam. They are using the platform with satisfaction to manage the integrations and skills development of their employees.

Meeting everyone's needs: saving time and improving employee experience

One of the objectives was to save time by allowing a better organization of the onboarding process. Concretely, on each onboarding, L'Eclair de Génie assigns a manager, a sponsor, a person in charge of ordering the equipment and the different outfits. Each person knows exactly what he or she has to do and when. There are no more forgetfulness, and reminders sent by e-mail ensure that each task is done on time. For example, "the outfits are ordered on time, and every new employee is ready to work efficiently from the very first day," says Temam. Valuable time savings for managers and HR at L'Éclair de Génie have been made possible thanks to these features😀.

The employees, for their part, appreciate the modern side of the platform. During their onboarding, they can have a detailed presentation of the history of the company and the team. They can also access documents and training courses at the click of a button. Employees have a better understanding of all the steps of their integration process, the objectives and the vision of L'Eclair de génie. More invested and therefore more efficient, onboardee employees contribute to the company's success. This improved employee experience leads to an increased sense of belonging to the company. Our ultimate goal is to "fight against turnover" says the director.

"the outfits are ordered on time, and every new employee is ready to work efficiently from the very first day"
Christophe Adam | Déborah Temam