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About Festicket

Festicket is a platform to discover and book tickets and packages for festivals all over the world. With a catalog of nearly 1200 festivals, Festicket offers a ticketing service, accommodation reservations, transfers and additional services for a successful stay.

The startup was launched at the end of 2012 and today employs more than one hundred and fifty people in six offices (London HQ, Nantes, Porto, Berlin, Amsterdam and San Francisco).

Renowned for its innovation, the company was named 21st in the Sunday Times' Hiscox Tech Track 100 and is part of the Tech Nation Future Fifty. Today, the startup has enabled 1.2 million people to attend one of the festivals in their catalog.

A $15 million fundraiser in February 2019 allows the company to have higher and higher ambitions and to open more international offices. They are "power-users" because the company recruits more than 20 people every month. Faced with strong growth at several sites, Festicket decided to work with HeyTeam to help them manage the integration of new employees.

"A unique solution for the quality of the user experience".

"The solution has created a truly engaging experience for employees," says Zack Sabban, co-founder & CEO of Festicket. He also underlines the quality of the product.

Managers are empowered, they can assign tasks to onboardee directly on the platform or invite them to a training session related to their program. They can also create a scenario for the onboardee's course.

"The human and modern aspect of the platform is "unique". Festicket employees appreciate that there is a clear integration plan with meetings already scheduled".

Integration: a collaborative process

The co-founder of Festicket goes further, as he insists on simple and interactive use for all team members, "whatever their nationality". The sponsorship system with a "buddy" who accompanies the new collaborator simplifies the arrival of the onboardee in the company. The sponsor ensures his or her smooth integration and informs him or her about the company's specifications. Better integrated, he or she will feel more empowered and more involved!

"There is a real difference between what we used to offer before and what we can do now with HeyTeam. It's day and night, and it allows us to create a sense of belonging right away, to involve all the participants in an integration program who have a role to play. We've seen an impact on engagement and turnover," says the CEO:

  • 20% increase in the engagement rate
  • 16 hours earned per program
  • 25% increase in the performance of new employees

Multi-site and multi-language management

Another very strong point of the solution is its ability to manage the specificity and complexity of an organization like Festicket. "Each document, training, event, e-mail, equipment, software, task that are part of a program will vary according to the job, the department, and the subsidiary". Thanks to the platform's intelligent engine, the programs are created automatically and "I am assured of the quality of the integration process" says the CEO. This unique functionality is part of the core of the HeyTeam platform proposition.

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