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Eleonore Imbert

Responsible of "people experience"

About Comet

Founded in September 2016, Comet is a platform that instantly connects the best freelance developers and data to the most ambitious companies.

The start-up has developed its own technologies: a selective evaluation program to ensure a high level of skills and a matching algorithm that guarantees to find the best freelancer for any tech and data mission in just 48 hours.

Comet brings together a community of more than 3,500 freelancers who work on innovative projects for clients from the tech (Deezer) and large groups (Engie, LVMH, Renault). The team has around 60 employees determined to reinvent the way companies and freelancers work together. More information: Comet

In terms of corporate culture, mutual caring, pragmatism and the awareness of living a unique adventure are three key aspects at Comet.

An efficient onboarding process

As early as the recruitment process, the candidate discovers in depth the team and how it works. An immersion is set up: two days during which the candidate comes to meet the different teams, present a practical exercise and experience the daily life of the company. The onboarding actually starts right after the immersion, followed by the validation of the offer.

Comet's idea is to go further than a simple administrative process: to hire the new team member even before he or she arrives, to facilitate his or her integration within the team and to help him or her quickly build up skills.

On HeyTeam, the new employee has access to detailed documentation on Comet's mission and vision, team organization and company-specific tools. His or her role is defined with the manager through the development of a scorecard and objectives. The new employee will spend time with each department of the company to complete his knowledge of the organization and functioning of Comet. A buddy is also assigned to each newcomer to facilitate their integration into the team and to guide them through their first few weeks on the team.

Before using HeyTeam, Eléonore Imbert, in charge of "People Experience" at comet, used Trello - enough to create simple task lists. "But given the company's growth prospects, we had to think about scalability. For my part, I also wanted to involve other team members more in onboarding - it's essential that this step doesn't remain an HR issue. I also lacked an overall vision, a precise follow-up of the tasks carried out and a way to simply share content with new team members.

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