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About Baybridge Digital

BayBridgeDigital is the specialist in digital transformation on the Salesforce platform. With its experts in strategy, design-thinking and innovation and implementation, the company supports its customers from "end-to-end" to make their digital transformation a success. In 2018, the company raises $6 million to accelerate its growth.

BayBridgeDigital also received the "Happy at Work" award for its "Employee First" culture and values.

A major recruitment need

The company operates from four "Digital Hubs" around the world: New York, London, Paris and Tel Aviv. With impressive growth and ambitious development projects, the company recruits more than a hundred talents from all walks of life and cultivates its unique values. BrayBridgeDigital has decided to put its trust in HeyTeam to help it manage the integration of its new employees. With an average age of 32, most of BayBridgeDigital's employees belong to the Millennials generation. As a connected generation and adept at social networking, a powerful and responsive onboarding tool was needed to meet their expectations.

The platform, which is rapidly expanding and is present on several sites, allows for successful onboarding and saves time on highly operational activities.

The importance of feedback

Guy Jerusalmi is satisfied with the possibility of getting feedback from his onboardee at different times (D+30, D+90...) thanks to the scoring system or the questionnaire templates made available on the platform. These questionnaires can be of different types: open-ended, single-choice or multiple-choice questions.

Another way to get feedback is the surprise report. Particularly appreciated by managers, this astonishment report collects the first impressions of a new employee 30 days after taking up a position. It provides a complete inventory of the company's strengths and weaknesses, and allows solutions and new ideas to emerge.

This feedback is essential because it allows us to better understand our employees and to verify the smooth running and effectiveness of the onboarding program.

Training and support for managers

But the strength of the platform lies above all in accelerating the ramp-up of employees. Thanks to the training courses made available to employees, the employee is trained faster and is more efficient. "The platform makes it possible to integrate dates, to unlock content as and when needed, and in a very playful way" says Alain Attias, and "that makes the difference". The other asset highlighted by the CEO is the ability to guide managers and distil pedagogical advice according to the level of seniority.

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