Simplify and automate the experience of your apprentices

With HeyTeam, you can centralize all the information needed, simplify the filling of the CERFA and the communication with the OPCO (skills operator) and provide an engaging experience to your apprentices.

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apprenticeship contracts signed in 2021
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of our client companies can no longer do without HeyTeam

Make the administrative management of apprenticeship contracts easier

Simplify the completion of the application

You will be able to collect the data from all the parties easily (student, school and company).

Fill out the forms directly on the platform. Monitor the progress of the applications and automatically send reminders thanks to our dashboard and notifications system.

Save time and avoid mistakes

Make it easier for the OPCO to validate the file by calculating the cost coverage rules according to your collective agreement and avoid errors.

Automatically sign and send the CERFA thanks to the connection with the OPCO

Electronically sign the CERFA on the platform via DocuSign, HelloSign...

It will be automatically sent back via API after validation by the OPCO.

Our templates

Make the integration of your apprentices easy

Use multiple interactive formats to facilitate their integration

Design custom journeys for each profession using templates or by duplicating programs already created.

Sequence the program with start and end dates for each element.

Create programs that integrate objectives, quizzes, questionnaires, events, tasks, challenges etc.

Benefit from detailed statistics to optimize your journeys

Keep an eye on the status and completion rate of all journeys.

Gather valuable information about the satisfaction of your employees at each stage of their integration.

Schedule targeted reminders, automatically or on demand. 

Integrate all the data into your BI tools.

Develop a sense of community

Offer a personalized experience and a fun interface for an engaging collaborative approach.

Create and animate the apprentices community thanks to the promotion system!

Keep in touch after their departure (alumni community) and create a pool of future employees.

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These companies have chosen HeyTeam for their employees experience

Executive Policy Correspondent @ SNCF

“The HeyTeam platform is a tool, a lever, to go further in quantity and quality. It is a greatly balanced mix of digital, human and relational aspects all in one”.

Benoit Pacceu
Director of HR development @ Kiloutou

“HeyTeam really promotes the interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

Julien Ducreuzet
HR Project Manager @ Aramisauto

"100% of our employees received a professional and warm welcome, and of those, 72% say they had a “WOW” experience!"

Bérenger Fassler
HRIS Project Manager @ Caisse des Dépôts Group

"The platform doesn't consume time, it saves time. Our teams didn't expect HeyTeam to be so beneficial to all stakeholders."

Manon Abjean
Recruitment Manager @ Prisma Media

"We chose HeyTeam because the tool is very customizable, non-linear, we can really adapt it ..."

Auriane d’Elloy de Bonninghen
Employee Experience Project Manager @ Devoteam

"We set up HeyTeam to create a strong bond with our consultants, right from the start. "

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