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About OnePoint, former Geronimo

Founded in Paris in 2012, Geronimo is a mobile agency specializing in the design and development of innovative, high-performance and customized mobile applications. The Geronimo team is composed of developers, designers and project managers, all experts, passionate about their job and proud of the mobile applications they build for their clients. In 2017, Geronimo joined Onepoint, a French company with nearly 2,300 employees in 14 locations around the world that supports companies and organizations in their digital transformation projects from strategic vision to technological execution.

Recognized for its innovation and know-how, One Point works with companies such as Gemalto, L'Oréal and Dior.

Halting the phenomenon of "ghosting".

What is ghosting? It is the fact that the new employee does not arrive at the workplace on the first day, despite having signed his or her promise of employment. In student populations, or in professions such as IT development where there is a talent war, this is very common. The tool allows : "to feed the relationship with the new employee, to be able to send SMS or emails to D-30, D-15...and make sure that the employee is hired" says Jérôme Guilmet, CTO and co-founder of One Point. Very useful during the pre-boarding phase, this follow-up system allows the employee to discover his company and his team even before his arrival, and to maintain the link with his new managers. And "it works!" says the co-founder who, thanks to this system, has noticed a decrease in this phenomenon.

Managing the training process: a high-performance event management system!

The other specific need raised by One Point's teams was to be able to manage the process of skills development. When a new employee joins the company, he will follow a very precise training program allowing him to discover the culture of his new company, and to acquire the keys of his new job. On the program: training session with trainers, e-learning, meeting with important people...the program is meticulous and requires perfect organization. "That's what attracted us to HeyTeam, their ability to manage different types of appointments, invite trainers, add participants, manage grouped sessions with several onboardee's at the same time, automate planning". And for Google Calendar users, it's even possible to automatically identify attendee availability by adding them to the event! When an event is created, an invitation is sent to Outlook, Google, or Calendar calendars.

A need to better manage employee feedback

The ease of use of HeyTeam for administrators and employees appealed to One Point's managers who decided to use the platform for onboarding and skills development of their employees, as well as for feedback management. 👌🏻

HeyTeam allows you to collect feedback on the recruitment process, the astonishment report or other impressions of employees (onboardee as manager) at different moments of their career (D+30, D+60...) thanks to single choice or multiple choice questions or by leaving a score from 1 to 10. The employees can thus freely express their opinion on the positive and negative points of the company. 😀 Jérôme Guilmet tells us that this "allowed us to better understand the feelings and vision of the employees on the different One Point sites" ✌🏼

A need to better manage employee feedback
300 M (2017)
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