Take control of key employee moments

With HeyTeam, build, manage & take action on all the key moments in the employee lifecycle - from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

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Key Moments

Discover what key moments are

Employee Moments

Manage key employee moments: onboarding, offboarding, and any mobility workflows


Manager moments

The guarantee of an optimal collaborative experience and clarity throughout the different stages of the onboarding journey.

Carreer path
Manage a salary increase

RH & Company moments

Ensure that the HR team understand employees and can clearly communicate with them.

New policy
Discover moments

The most complete
& enjoyable workflow solution

Customize your workflow

Use our native blocks to build your workflow the way YOU want: assign a product demo training, invite to an onboarding session, collect an IBAN, send a welcome e-mail...

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Interact with conversational user interface

Use our conversational UI on mobile to get an employee ID, answer a discovery report, meet someone new, or send a welcome video. Much more engaging than a form or check-list & feels like a human experience!

Also connects with  your Slack / Microsoft Teams


Create your own “tags” or “filters” or use predefined ones to personalize your workflow & content. Target the right branch, office, team or employee.

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Analytics & Action plan

Gather unique insights from your key moments.

Filter & export in one click. Also trigger automatic action plans for your managers based on results.

Why HeyTeam

Run your workflow on auto-pilot
Minimum of 16 hours saved on each onboarding and 5 hours on each workflow (HeyTeam)
Spark human connection
Meaningful relationships are the foundation of both professional and personal success. Networking will deliver new business opportunities within an organization.
Reduce turnover
58% of employees stay at least 3 years in a company after having followed an onboarding program (LinkedIn)
Increase Retention & Engagement
Increase employee engagement by 147% (Gallup)

How it works

Step 01

Pick a moment from templates library or assemble your own workflow

Step 02

Provide delightful experience to your employees

Step 03

Analyze and collect data from teams

Step 01

Pick a moment from our templates  library or assemble your own workflow

Step 02

Provide delightful experience to your employees

Step 03

Analyze and collect data from teams

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About Us

“HeyTeam truly promotes interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

Benoit Pacceu, Directeur du développement RH

“We set up Heyteam to create a strong bond with our consultants from the very first moments”

Matthieu Riviere,
Talent Management & Acquisition Director

“The HeyTeam platform is a tool, a lever, to go further in both quantity and quality. It's a nice mix of digital, human, and relational.”

Pierre Lignon,
Correspondant Politique Cadre


Les Ressources Humaines à l’heure du Smart Working

Les nouveaux enjeux des Ressources Humaines

Après la révolution digitale, la crise sanitaire a largement accéléré la transformation des entreprises à son tour. Au cœur des préoccupations désormais : l’organisation du travail, que l’on veut aligner aux besoins des entreprises et des collaborateurs.


Comment identifier les moments clés du cycle de vie d’un salarié, les étudier et les analyser ?

Avant de parler des moments-clés, il faut définir le cycle de vie et l’expérience collaborateur. Pour faire simple, cette notion regroupe toutes les interactions employé/entreprise et toutes les émotions ressenties à chaque étape importante.

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