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Astonishment report: what is it, and what are the benefits?



In the company, employees' lives are marked by key moments that require the support of HR and managers. They are also and above all an opportunity to gather critical feedback from employees, which will enable the company to improve processes and employee follow-up.Β 

To achieve this, HR has a major ally: the astonishment report. A formidable communication and analysis tool which, despite appearances, is not just a simple questionnaire... It has the power of contributing to improving the quality of life and of human relations in the company!


Let's break down what astonishment reports can bring to your employees and your company! πŸ‘‡


What is an astonishment report?

An astonishment report is a valuable HR tool that allows any employee to share their opinion regarding a particular project or topic in the company.

As the name implies, it is specifically designed for new hires and seeks to identify their first impression, whether it is a positive or negative reaction. The astonishment report, requested shortly after onboarding, is thus particularly interesting because it allows to gather an objective opinion thanks to the employee's fresh perspective on the company. πŸ‘€


In any case, the astonishment report allows collecting the employee's point of view and serves as a starting point for a number of decisions at all levels: following the employee more closely, improving a process, making a one on one with the manager or to completing a specific piece of equipment. πŸ€·β™‚οΈ


definition of the astonishment report


What are the benefits of an astonishment report?

Improving key moments in the employee journey

As simple as it may seem, astonishment reports allow you to draw up a true snapshot of the company. First about recruitment, onboarding and integration when it is coming from a new recruit, but also about all the projects underway in the company: a change in policy, a remote training program, an upcoming event or a change of position... to name a few! πŸ˜‰


Thus, astonishment reports allow HR and managers to continuously update themselves and improve employee support regularly, and throughout their journey in the company.

It is actually interesting to note that astonishment reports are not only intended for new recruits, but for all employees and all key moments of the employee journey: preboarding, onboarding, reboarding, offboarding... Each of these particularly important stages in the eyes of employees - and for the company - should be an opportunity to collect the opinion of employees and to improve the processes in force! πŸš€


Improving feedback culture and communication

In the longer term, astonishment reports also show lasting benefits for the company. They are a bit like good habits, assimilated across the company and that employees keep throughout their career: sharing a tip or a good idea, asking for a one-on-one meeting, giving feedback to a colleague, suggesting an improvement... This is what we call a feedback culture!

For all these elements, which are essential to the well-being of employees and to their efficiency, astonishment reports act as a trigger. They show employees, as soon as they join the team, that this is a company where people communicate, exchange and question themselves continuously! πŸ’ͺ

Then, later in the employees’ careers, astonishment reports will give way to an automated feedback system, surveys, regular individual interviews and more generally to a transparent and regular communication for all employees. Astonishment reports thus contribute to making employees want to invest themselves in the company's projects, to be active in the team’s life, and to take initiatives. In short, they increase employee engagement over the long term! πŸ’₯


For all these elements, which are essential to the well-being of employees and to their efficiency, astonishment reports act as a trigger.


Consolidating employee experience

Astonishment reports are finally an HR tool that is an integral part of the employee experience. They show employees that their opinions are considered seriously and that the company is looking to improve... and that's probably the most important thing!Β 

Consequently, astonishment reports also help to harness all the benefits of the employee experience, although they may be difficult to measure. For instance, astonishment reports can help increase:

  • Workplace well-being 🧘 ‍
  • Team spirit 🀝
  • Engagement and loyalty to the company πŸ’
  • Daily motivation and productivity πŸ’ͺ


This way, it is the culture of the company as a whole that directly benefits from this, as the employer sends a clear message to each and every employee: "In our company, your opinion is valuable!" πŸ’•


When to request an astonishment report?

Astonishment reports are usually written during the onboarding phase, i.e. within 3 months after the newcomer has joined the company. It is not advisable to write an astonishment report too late, in order to keep the writing as spontaneous as possible.

You can also provide the employee with a sample outline as soon as he or she arrives, so that they can reflect on the different areas of focus.


Some examples of questions for astonishment reports

To help you out, here are some questions companies could include in their astonishment report.


Questions about recruitment

❓ Was the job description accurate to the position?

❓ What did you like during the interviews phase?

❓ Can you give us feedback on the recruitment test?

❓ How were you welcomed during the interviews phase?


Questions about the first few days

❓ Was there anything that surprised you when you entered the company? If so, what?

❓ Were you well assisted on your first day?

❓ Would you have changed anything on your first day at the company?

❓ Were you properly trained when you started your job?


Questions about the teams, products and company

❓ Did the manager and the team make you feel welcome?

❓ How do you think we can improve the organization of your team?

❓ What do you think of our products or services?

❓ Give us 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses of our company.

❓ Can you give us one word to summarize our company?


How to use an astonishment report efficiently?

Firstly, it is necessary to make the interviewee feel confident. As a newcomer, it may be difficult for them to give a totally critical opinion. Yet, this is essential to favor an interesting astonishment report. So you need to play the criticism game and encourage them to speak with confidence in an objective and constructive exchange.

In some departments, new hires are also asked to orally present their astonishment report in front of the team and discuss it afterwards with the other employees. This can strengthen the social bond and promote an interesting and constructive exchange.

Of course, this astonishment report should lead to real changes within the company (if needed).


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