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What are the 10 benefits of the employee experience?

Employee engagement


For the vast majority of employers, customer experience is an obvious concern. Internally, employee experience is still too often neglected, even though it is born from the same observation: we usually say that a satisfied customer is worth two... it is also the case for employees! 👍

In reality, the principle is strictly the same: it consists in reproducing internally the link that you seek to create with your customers. And consequently, building a sincere, caring and long-lasting relationship with your employees.

The key for the company is to set up a whole ecosystem that increases motivation, well-being, trust and team spirit... with a strong and direct impact on the company's results! 💥

Through the 10 benefits of employee experience, we’ll explain in practical terms how this concept impacts your business and allows your company to succeed in the long term.

Employee experience creates trust 🤝

The relationship between employees and their employer is like any other. It's a mutual investment! By carrying out his various tasks, the employee fulfills his mission. The employer's mission is to respond to the employee's different needs in terms of supervision, well-being, training or communication... The employer's response to the employee's investment in the company creates a relationship of trust, which increases the employee's loyalty, well-being, efficiency and facilitates communication. It's a virtuous circle! 🤩

Employee experience reduces turnover 🔗

Companies with a good employee experience establish a healthy and solid relationship with employees. This bond, maintained over the months and infusing the employees' daily lives, considerably increases their loyalty, as they feel appreciated and recognized! If they flourish in the company, why would they want to go elsewhere? 🤔

For the company, employee experience thus contributes to reducing turnover and consequently avoiding all the problems that go with it: employee departure costs, impact on team morale, vacancy period at the abandoned position, recruitment and integration of a new employee... They will save time and money!

Employee experience increases team motivation tenfold 💪

Employee experience is a win-win exchange! If the employer pays special attention to the employees and is attentive to their needs, it will show its appreciation to the employees. Employees will then be much more able to carry out their missions and feel strongly committed to the company and its mission!

Employee experience improves the company's image ✨

Mistakenly, many companies develop a great relationship with their customers but neglect the one with their employees. Yet, internal and external reputation are interconnected and have no secrets from each other. If employees are not recognized for their true value, the company's results could very well suffer from it... 😬

On the customer’s side, you have to realize that the atmosphere in the company is quite noticeable. It spreads through email exchanges, during sales meetings, during customer events or on social networks... What happens in the company never really stays inside, and it is simply impossible to control!

The simplest solution is to create an internal atmosphere that is favorable to the development of employees, which will also be perceived by the company's customers and partners. This is possible thanks to employee experience 😉

Employee experience makes recruitment easier 🤙

If employee experience improves the company's image with its customers, this is also true with potential candidates, and once again, employees are the key actors. Blossoming employees become true ambassadors and do not hesitate to share their positive experience. And of course... this is very attractive for talents! 😏

By working on employee experience, no need to start recruiting 8 months in advance or to call on specialized firms; companies naturally attract candidates because their employees advertise it brilliantly. Despite all the possibilities of digital technology, word-of-mouth still remains an excellent way to achieve a successful recruitment!

Employee engagement improves team spirit 💞

By taking into account the different needs of employees, employee experience puts all employees in the same work environment. It actually allows employees to evolve by sharing a common and strong corporate culture, and consequently the company’s values and ambition. Everyone is united towards a common goal, for which they want to invest their energy, and which will always be rewarding. Thanks to employee experience, employees are putting their collective effort at the service of the company's success!

Employee experience improves team performance 💯

While employee experience is directly related to the mindset of employees, it is also about the actual roles of the employees themselves. Personalized training programs, regular feedback sessions, proximity management or even onboarding programs: these are all components of the employee experience that ensure the efficiency of employees in their position as soon as they arrive and improve their skills, which is the key to the transformation of companies!

Employee experience increases happiness and well-being 🧘

There are many sources of well-being within companies: work/life balance, communication, listening skills, recognition... And this is precisely everything that employee experience encompasses on a daily basis. These are in fact two intrinsically related notions: employee experience is always correlated with well-being at work. 😌

For companies, well-being is another non-negligible performance vector!

Employee experience improves internal communication 📣

By working on employee experience, companies also work on their internal communication. For example, they can measure the general mood in the company thanks to surveys, collect the opinion of employees with an automated feedback system, or pay particular attention to management... These elements at the heart of the employee experience largely contribute to improving internal vertical and also horizontal communication! 😉

Employee experience improves the company's results

In addition to its benefits on the employee's state of mind and involvement, employee experience aims above all to give employees all the keys they need to successfully carry out their mission.

All in all, each of these benefits has the ultimate consequence of improving the productivity of employees in their position, for all the reasons mentioned above: because they are more motivated, better trained, fulfilled, surrounded, recognized... or all of these at the same time! Unquestionably, employee experience always translates into better results for companies. 😎

Over the months, employee experience creates a strong and lasting bond between the company and its employees, which also unites the employees with each other! On the one hand, this bond increases employees' engagement tenfold and gives them the motivation to do everything for the company's success, and on the other hand, it also allows the company to save time, money and energy, especially by limiting communication and recruitment expenses. A true privilege!

In fact, employee experience creates a common foundation for the whole company, which improves the general quality of life at work, which always ends up having a direct impact on the company's results, even if it is not always quantifiable...

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