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How to be a good manager?



A good manager is a subtle blend of various behavioral skills to create a work environment that fosters performance, motivation and employee retention. And all this in a healthy, stimulating and inclusive work environment!

A good manager is above all an empathetic person who supports his team members in reaching their objectives. To achieve this, he/she must listen and communicate in a fair and assertive manner. Far from resting on their laurels, they also know how to receive feedback from their employees and put in place the necessary measures to improve their leadership and teamwork.

What are the 4 functions of a manager?

The acronym POLC (Plan, Organize, Lead, Control) summarizes the 4 key functions of company managers.

Let's take a closer look at these terms:


The role of the manager is to implement the necessary measures to reach the objectives of his department. This involves strategic planning to ensure that tasks and activities are completed on time.


Delegating tasks and activities is an important part of the manager's daily work. He/she ensures that team members have all the cards in their hands to succeed, both individually and collectively.


Management requires not only setting a direction to achieve performance objectives, but also accompanying and guiding employees. In this sense, the manager positions himself as a coach to solve problems, stimulate creativity and optimize productivity.


The manager evaluates the performance of his employees according to pre-established objectives. He/she gives constructive feedback, congratulates small and large victories and decides on the implementation of possible corrective actions in collaboration with the employee concerned.

How to succeed in a managerial interview?

The manager has a unifying role in the company. In order to succeed in a managerial interview, it is important to show his or her ability to give meaning to the work of the members of his or her team. Recruiters must be able to understand how you will work as a manager.

In addition to reflecting on your leadership style, it is important to show your interest in people and all their facets.

Although managers need to be able to make decisions, also think about showing your ability to evolve and to be humble.

Manager: how to successfully take up your new position?

First impressions count when it comes to being a successful manager in a new team!

To get off to a good start, take the time to get to know your colleagues, both in group meetings and during individual interviews. Anticipate questions from your team members and start implementing a feedback culture.

As a manager is both a leader and an administrator, it is useful to find out about the different procedures in place to govern daily life (sick leave, delays, vacations, professional training, etc.). 

Finally, let's not forget the importance of company culture! Familiarize yourself with the values, rituals and standards of the organization.

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