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The personalized welcome guide: a useful tool for onboarding employees!



Onboarding and preboarding, if done intelligently, have proven their worth. In fact, according to various surveys, employees know if they are going to remain loyal to their new company from the very first days. 😃 Moreover, studies have shown that a bad onboarding can cost the company up to 300% of the employee's salary. 💰

So, you understand the importance of thinking about a quality onboarding process using proven tools. Including a personalized welcome guide which is the subject of this article. 📗


A personalized welcome guide: what is it?

A welcome guide is a document shared with new recruits during the pre-boarding phase or directly on D-day. 

Its objective is to centralize all the important information in a single document 📄. This allows Human Resources to save precious time with each new hire while avoiding oversights. As for the employee, he/she will be able to refer to it if he/she needs it, at any time. This promotes a rapid gain in autonomy while having all the necessary information at hand to take up the position. 👍 To do this well, the welcome guide should have a standardized part that answers the questions of all newcomers ❔ and a personalized part adapted to the issues that may be encountered by the new employee.

The elements that make up your personalized welcome guide

As previously mentioned, the personalized welcome guide allows you to aggregate a lot of important information within an easy-to-access document (physical or digital).

Here is the information that must be included:

  1. A company presentation;
  2. The company’s culture and important values;
  3. The company’s organization chart;
  4. Practical information;
  5. The company policy in terms of HR training, remote work and feedback;
  6. Important contacts at the company level (HR, occupational medicine, works council...).

the elements that make up your personalized welcome guide

In addition to this, you can personalize the welcome guide according to your desires. Here are some ideas:

  • Organization chart of the team with photos;
  • Important operational level contacts (direct manager and colleague contact information);
  • Short note from other team members, manager and CEO;
  • Information related to taking the position (missions, internal and external stakeholders...);
  • Nice places to eat / shop / visit around the company

As you can see, the objective of the welcome guide is twofold. First, it helps the newcomer to better understand his or her position from all angles. Second, it allows the people in charge of onboarding to check off all the boxes on the onboarding to-do list without forgetting any important elements.

Complementary tools to your personalized onboarding guide

Obviously, although the welcome guide is a good practice for onboarding in a company, it is not enough. Since onboarding takes place over several months, it is necessary to support employees with dedicated tools. For example:

  • An HR tool taking the form of a digital platform facilitating the management of key employee moments, such as the SAAS onboarding software Hey Team;
  • The designation of a buddy;
  • The implementation of activities promoting the creation of social ties (random moments, onboarding ice breaker, etc.).

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