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[Template] Remote onboarding

During remote working periods, lockdown or when a employee has to work remotely, virtual onboarding helps simplify the integration of the employee as much as possible. This includes complete communication and an strict organization, without neglecting the human role!


  • Properly inform the employee about the conditions of his arrival
  • Remotely manage logistics efficiently
  • Facilitate the creation of virtual social links


Interactivity:  ★★★☆

Difficulty: ★☆☆

Originality: ★★☆

Before the arrival

Proceed to the electronic signature of administrative documents

Provide the employee with useful company documents

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First day

Invite the new employee to a first 2-hour individual video meeting

Prepare a question and answer session between the employee and the manager

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And then...

Schedule video conferences with the manager spread out over several weeks

Schedule an interview with the employee midway through the probation period

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Do not forget to send the employee all the accesses and passwords that he could need as well as the IT contact in case he needs it! 

In practice

At Kiloutou, everything takes place on HeyTeam! The platform allows the company’s HR to keep in contact with the future employees and centralize useful information and documents. Used as a real toolbox, HeyTeam allows Kiloutou to fluidiy its onboarding process and gain visibility(appointment reminders, content availability, feedback collection etc), while preserving the "Kilout' culture" which is dear to the company's 4,500 team members.