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[Template] Onboarding : the integration journey for apprentices

The onboarding program for apprentices encourages exchanges between tutors, leaders and students by guiding them through the essentials. It also allows us to accompany them and facilitate the sharing of information throughout the integration process.

At Decathlon, apprentices are at the heart of our concerns.  We want our talents to become the leaders of tomorrow!✨

Objectives :

- Creating a bond from the very beginning and helping them get acculturated to the company even before they arrive. Introducing them to the Decathlon company very quickly, to make them want to join us (even more!).

- Structuring the integration of key moments before, during and after the arrival of apprentices (e.g.: specific communications for apprentices, invitations to specific apprenticeship events, etc.)

- Offering a common integration to all, while allowing the customization of a program if needed (by branch, by entity, by job if needed)

- Centralizing all our internal tools and documents necessary for the proper handling of their mission. Sharing with them the essential and specific information related to apprenticeship at Decathlon.

Before arrival, for the apprentice

Who are you? (The opportunity to collect the necessary information to order equipment)

D-7 before your arrival !

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On d-day, for the apprentice

Join the apprentices / interns community!

Welcome and integration morning

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The apprentice's 1st week

Useful links to take your first steps

Exchange with your tutor/apprenticeship coordinator

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"The journey is clear and presents the company from different points of view, it allows the newcomer to understand and know the environment in which he will evolve! Congratulations"