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[Template] Onboarding at Google

At Google, the least that we can say is that the new recruits do not go unnoticed. Each time a new contract is signed, there is an almost military organisation that is put in place at GooglePlex, based on the principle of “just in time”: the right information at the right time! On the agenda of: extreme dematerialization, XXL training sessions, maximum transparency, unbelievable benefits etc in short, we think big and we are falling short of words!


  • Create a real connection between the employee and the company.
  • Do not let the newcomers feel isolated
  • Bring the corporate culture to life constantly


Duration : 24h intensive then at least 6 months

#culture #eficiency #support

Before the arrival

Use interactive online forms for all the information you need to collect

Prepare an operational checklist for the new employee

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First day

Personalized cap and XXL ball offered to employees

Integration by groups of 30 to 50 employees, the Nooglers!

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And then...

Progress report about the objectives each end of the month for 6 months

24/7 technical support

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According to Google, this ultra competent onboarding process has led to a 37% improvement in satisfaction of the new employees!

Clément’s feedback , ex Online Sales & Operations Account Manager at Google

“After a week of integration, I understood that Google was like a big family. Everything is open to everybody, everywhere and at all times! Here, the onboarding is spread out on several months and it alternates trainings and festive occasions, it sometimes seem as an Erasmus exchange.”