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[Template] Offboarding : The keys to best manage the departure of an employee.

Here we'll share a template for managing departures, caring for those who stay, and nurturing your employer brand.

At work as in personal life, we can leave each other without hating each other.

An employee who leaves can become a true influencer or even come back later. Offboarding is a crucial step to ensure good business continuity, but also to improve the experience and well-being of employees and to enhance your employer brand!


To help you set up this process, here is a template with the main actions to implement.

Objectives :

🚀  Facilitating administrative management and saving time

🔗  Ensuring the continuity of the activity and taking feedback to improve

🤗  Creating a real community of alumni and boosting your employer brand


Here is all the necessary administrative information (final settlement, right to health plan...)

Complete your exit review : This is an opportunity to review your assignments, what you have learned, your experience within the company and also the areas for improvement

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Handover, for the offboardee

Fill out the questionnaire on the good practices of the position for the future replacement : Access, skills, tools...

Handover meeting with the manager (to review the projects and the last subjects to close before the departure)

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on D-day and after

Return all equipment and sign the form

Leave us a review on glassdoor

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