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[Template] Network onboarding

An onboarding placed under the sign of networking allows the rapid creation of contacts within the company. These contacts serve as reference points for the new employee, who has just arrived in an environment where he or she knows little or nothing. The onboarding network does everything possible to ensure that a connection is made between the employee and his or her new contacts: within the team, the managers etc and even externally!


  • Increase motivation through social relations
  • Fluidify employee communication and training
  • Encourage autonomy and decision taking


Interactivity:  ★★★★

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆

Originality : ★★☆☆

Before the arrival

Share the internal directory and/or rooster

Give access to the company's communication tools

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First day

Plan inter-team random lunches

Organize a live my life experience in another position or in another department

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And then...

Evaluate the employee’s integration with a fun employee quiz

Encourage the employee to organize his/her own afterwork or breakfast

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To make his integration easier, the employee must be able to regularly detach himself from his manager to create his own network of relationships within the company.

In practice

At Getaround, we don't take onboarding lightly! Everything is done to ensure that the employee finds his or her place among the company's employees, starting with the happiness meeting, a first meeting to be carried out with a dose of good humor. This is the starting point from a succession of events, each one more interactive than the last one: a tour of the premises, lunches, discussion sessions in small groups... An essential program for the company, even if it means spending whole days in it!