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[Template] LVMH onboarding

The onboarding developed by LVMH reflects the principles of the company: Training, creative and innovating. The company is clearly giving itself the means to succeed and is multiplying the platforms and personalized training programs to support the employees the best way possible all along their journey. Within this big French company, creativity is learned and practiced in a rigorous way, having as main goal to put the new recruits on track: We are aiming for excellence!


  • Ensure compliance with the values of the company
  • Build a community of employees groups
  • Maintain the reputation of the group and of the brand around the world


Duration : 3 months

#excellency #creativity #know-how

Before the arrival

Share cases and testimonials about what daily life is like at LVMH

Give employees access to the onboarding platform

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First day

Face to face and distance learning training programs

Happy hours dedicated to the products and career opportunities

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And then...

Verification of the skills acquired through the use of quizzes and challenges

Manager’s weekly feedbacks to the employee

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At LVMH, onboarding has as many different facets as the company has houses: no less than 75! However each house makes sure that the onboarding includes a training about the history of the company’s values as an immutable foundation

Olivier Sastre feedback, HR Vice-President at LVMH

“Because the employee’s experience is as important as the client’s experience, we must have the same ambition for our employees as for our clients. I can not imagine an ambitious company that does not take care of this aspect.”