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[Template] Fun onboarding

The onboarding process does not have to be a headache. On the contrary, it is a time to celebrate awaited by both the new employee and his or her future team, which is key to reduce the pressure... On the agenda: fun tasks and highly participative events in a friendly atmosphere!


  • Enable the newcomer to easily build relationships
  • Reassure and put the employee at ease quickly
  • Learn and work without even realizing it


Interactivity:  ★★★

Difficulty:  ★★

Originality: ★★★

Before the arrival

Send the employee a welcome video from his future team

Decorate the future employee's office to make it more welcoming

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First day

Organize a welcome breakfast with the team

Conduct a video interview with the new employee

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And then…

Organize a live my life experience to complete the employee's training

Create a quiz about his or her missions to verify that he:she learned something

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Once your onboarding program is complete, why not let others know through an internal video that puts the spotlight on the employees?

In practice

At Klaxoon, the start-up that has changed work meetings, onboarding is done with a dose of good humor! Using serious game (educational game), the newcomers are immersed, for 15 days, in a challenged that has 6 stages to get to know the company and its employees. Sportive activities, games, challenges of all kinds and connecting with international sites for an effective and fast integration!