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[Template] Doctolib onboarding

With more than 1,000 employees and nearly 50 new recruits each month, onboarding at Doctolib can make you dizzy… this impressive volume of arrivals combined along with the group’s international development, has given place to an onboarding of exceptional scope: Doctolib Academy! Led by a team of 50 HR experts, it is above all a collaborative program in which employees are particularly involved.


  • Promote team spirit and informal exchanges
  • Enable learning and development within the company
  • Meet the demand of young talents on the market


Duration : 1 week and +

#ability  #transparency #empathy

Before the arrival

Documents centralized in one same digital platform

Varied, efficient and evolving training content (videos, slides, written material etc)

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First day

A speech and presentation by the CEO personally

Internal newsletter to announce the arrivals to the company

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And then...

Evaluation report done by the employee, called Fresh Eyes Report

Digital survey sent regularly to the employees

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At Doctolib, the key to success is in the organisation: the management of the schedules is meticulous in order to balance out the schedules of each employee, without overcharging the newcomers!

Antoine’s feedback , Full Stack Developer Doctolib

Onboarding at Doctolib is fluid and efficient! I particularly liked the half day immersion with the developers, which gave me a good idea about what daily life at Doctolib was and helped me to project myself. Doctorlib Academy motivated me to join the company, and I was not deceived!