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[Template] Corporate Onboarding

Halfway between intensive work and the integration weekend, corporate onboarding makes it easier for the employee to assume his or her position while creating a ground suitable for social relations. The focus is on mutual aid and teamwork to bring employees together around the corporate culture... always with a dose of good humor!


  • Promote team spirit and social connections 
  • Improve employee retention and increase commitment
  • Reinforce the feeling of being part of the company


Interactivity: ★★★

Difficulty: ★☆☆

Originality: ★☆☆

Before the arrival

Encourage the team to connect on LinkedIn with the new member

Order business cards for the new employee

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First day

Organize integration sessions with the new employees

Organize meetings between the newcomers

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And then...

Announce the arrival of the employee on social networks

Set up a one-year training program

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An outfit with the company colors (sweatshirt, cap, backpack, etc) gives the feeling of being part of a real team, like in sports, and reinforces the feeling of being part of the company!

In practice

At Pinterest, teamwork is emphasized all along the onboarding process: group breakfasts, small talks with the founders, team workshops etc. Everything is done to learn and (re)discover the corporate culture together. During the week, we also take the time to discuss, debate and fix the world, while making sure to bring together participants from all walks of life. In short, the human aspect is an important part of the onboarding and that's good!