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[Template] Capgemini onboarding

To optimize the integration of the more than 1000 new employees recruited each year, CapGemini has created a large scale onboarding program called “Onboard & Connect”, which takes place in 4 stages: discovering, developing, certifying, accelerating. With this program, the company explores and digs in all the possibilities of digital technology by following a simple rule: A platform for each problem!


  • Ensure the productivity of the employee at his post
  • Continuously update internal skills
  • Maintain and improve the employability of employees


Duration : 12 months

#excellency #innovation #learning

Before the arrival

Managers trained about good practices and leadership

Digital platform dedicated to the integration of employees

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First day

Organized meetings for the new arrivals

Excellency center dedicated to learning and training

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And then...

International acceleration program to facilitate the progression of the employee

Certification of skills recognized internally and externally

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Learning is not just a motto at CapGemini, it is a lever used all along the employee’s journey: training, improvement and acceleration are required at each stage of the onboarding. The goal : maximum employability!

Marie Clarous’ feedback,  Director of the School by CapGemini

“At CapGemini, we invest in our employees by offering them trainings, and it is not a training as a recognition item, but as a support and a need for the company to develop today the skills of tomorrow”.