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[Template] Alan onboarding

At Alan, the corporate culture is enhanced and this reflects on the onboarding program: they go straight to the point! From his arrival, the employee evolves in total autonomy while counting on, the moral and operational support of the other employees. The result? An onboarding program free from constraints and unlike any other, like if after having turned upside down the health industry, Alan is turning upside the concept of onboarding!


  • Give responsibilities to the employee and  to the team
  • Ensure the adoption of the corporate culture
  • Avoid wasting time and unnecessary elements


Duration : as much time as it is necessary and even more !

#trust #transparency #productivity

Before the arrival

Work day spent with the candidate before he is hired

Written documentation about the company’s history and values

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First day

Meetings banned in favor of digital tools

Employees’ objectives fixed by himself

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And then...

Employee evaluated every 6 months by other employees

Employee asked to participate in the onboarding and company culture

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At Alan, there is no manager, no salary negotiation, no meetings: the organization is reduced to the strict minimum, as is the employees’ stress!

Marion’s feedback, Health Benefits Specialist at Alan

“When I arrived at Alan, I was apprehensive about the culture of writing. The team realized I was feeling like that when I arrived and helped me a lot. From the first days, my mentors supported me at each stage of my adaptation to the new working setting. What scared me at the beginning too was how total transparency and collective responsibility has become natural for me and I have found a lot of positive points about it”