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[White Papers] Onboarding: What impact on employee engagement and mental health?

Did you know that ‍1 out of 2 employees say they are ready to resign the first month following their hiring? And €7,000: This is the cost of a failed onboarding. 😱

Onboarding is therefore a decisive step in the engagement and loyalty of your employees!‍

This is why, with Moka.Care, we decided to build together this guide and give you all the keys to offer the best integration to your teams. 🤩

In this guide, you will discover:

⭐️ Preboarding: How to properly prepare the arrival of your future employees

⭐️ Onboarding: How to offer the best integration

⭐️ Lists of ideas and best practices about preboarding and onboarding

Reading time: 10 minutes

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