🎉 Work-study programs & employer brand : retain the best talent
Work-study programs & employer brand : retain the best talent
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Get engagement from in-house or teleworking teams

HeyTeam helps you get feedback, coach your managers, communicate, strengthen team cohesion, and much more!

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Take the pulse with your teams using our template library

  • Take your teams' pulse using our template library.
  • Analyze using our statistics system

Coach your managers in a fun way with challenges & nudges

  • Provide managers with a library of content around soft skills
  • Perform challenges or nudges
  • Adapt challenges and advice based on employee feedback

Communicate effectively with your teams

  • Send messages in a fun way (video, gif, text) to your employees or only to certain teams
  • Analyze who in your team saw your message

Strengthen the link between your employees

  • Organize a live quiz on your favorite themes (90s, General Knowledge, Movies, Music ...) and challenge each other between different departments (sales vs. Marketing, HR vs. Finance, etc.).
  • Get your employees to meet (physically or virtually) over coffee, lunch or by area of ​​interest
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About Us

“HeyTeam truly promotes interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

Benoit Pacceu, Directeur du développement RH

“We set up Heyteam to create a strong bond with our consultants from the very first moments”

Matthieu Riviere,
Talent Management & Acquisition Director

“The HeyTeam platform is a tool, a lever, to go further in both quantity and quality. It's a nice mix of digital, human, and relational.”

Pierre Lignon,
Correspondant Politique Cadre


Key moments in the employee journey

How to engage and retain employees?

Managing the key moments of the employee journey not only ensures better employee engagement, but also contributes to increasing employee motivation and loyalty, making them more productive and generally improving the working environment within the company.


Feedbacks: how to better manage teams?

With the health crisis, proximity management has regained a central place in the company. More than ever, as the true coordinators of work in the company, it is the managers who guarantee good communication, team motivation, the achievement of objectives and the mental health of employees.

More recently, with the advent of telecommuting and hybrid work, these missions have never been more difficult to carry out... and yet are more important than ever! 😬Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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