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Netflix: what are its tips for successfully onboarding its employees?



Human beings love to engage in enjoyable experiences. It is this concept that has contributed to the success of companies such as Amazon and Netflix. Today, understanding and optimizing user experience and customer experience have become strategic priorities for business leaders. Another component has become increasingly unavoidable: the employee experience,  particularly during onboarding.

It has been demonstrated that a Positive employee experience is associated with better performance and higher retention rates. Yet 59 % of companies do not feel ready to take up the challenge of employee experience . Poorna UduPi, engineer at Netflix, shared in an article his onboarding experience. Here are some chosen extracts:

The package

A job offer with his salary + stock package was printed and offered at the end of his second interview round, which meant that Netflix had already received all the feedbacks regarding his recruitment.


His phone And his computer, which he chose the day before his arrival by phone, were delivered to him on his first day at Netflix.

A buddy

A mentor was assigned to guide him during his first days.


A mini training guide explaining the different technologies used at Netflix and a presentation of the colleagues that he was likely to collaborate with allowed him to accelerate his training.


A meeting with several directors during his first quarter allowed him to understand the ethics and aspirations of the company. Reed Hastings, the CEO, also met him and took the time to come talk to all new recruits during a group meeting during the first quarter.

Daily work

The responsibilities granted to new hires are very important. In particular, he was able to "deliver" an app on Apple TV only 4 months after joining the team. He made his first push in production on his first week.


To sum up

We understand the interest of A company like Netflix, in strong growth, dispersed on several sites, for closely taking care of their integration journey in order to make their new recruits operational from the first days and offer them a quality employee experience. Identified by Deloitte, the following actions can be carried out to design  Digital onboarding program centered on collaborators:

  • Adopting the "Design Thinking" approach;
  • Adapting to the different generations of the company ;
  • Taking into account the personal preferences of employees when designing an onboarding program;
  • Building a solid and unique onboarding experience;
  • Aligning the personal objectives of employees with those of the company;
  • Including company-wide training programs, social learning programs, and collaborative learning programs.

With the growing importance given to employee experience, HRDs and business leaders must rethink the design of their programs. An onboarding with a human-centered approach gives valuable information about the needs, limits, expectations and values ​​of new employees. We can help you scale your processes to benefit from an onboarding program of the same quality as Netflix!

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