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HeyTeam allows you to engage and re-onboard your employees wherever they are.

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A revolutionary onboarding experience


A revolutionary tool

Manage the entire onboarding process. From administration to training, centralize your information


Innovative education

The guarantee of an optimal collaborative experience and clarity throughout the different stages of the onboarding journey


A new approach

Ensure that your employee's skills are for a new role and get personal nudges on how to master your new hire journey

A New Approach

Let HeyTeam automate your integration programs and create the "wow effect" for your new recruits


Control timings to create a progressive onboarding journey


Involve managers, mentors and other collaborators


Identify issues related to integration

A powerful tool that accompanies you throughout the entire employee life cycle

Build your pre-onboarding, internal mobility, skills development, and offboarding courses


Engage your employees before they arrive

Internal Mobility

Accompany your employees through a change of position or new function


Ease the departure of your collaborators

Clients trust us


Céline Hocde, HR Manager

The ease of use is impressive, and the user interface is compelling. It fits with what new generations expect at work No more spreadsheets shared with 18 people and where we’re totally lost. We’re back to life again! The app is modern and super easy to use. It’s a game changer for our employees It’s great to share our ambition, our goals, and culture. It gives purpose to our new comers We have one chance to make a first good impression. And HeyTeam helped us to reduce our turn-over Save of time, and gain of efficiency. For our company that hire lots of people, it’s a must-have

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