Integrate your employees in the best conditions, even remotely.

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Communicate with your team members

  • Access a messaging system to communicate asynchronously.
  • Record video messages for your employees

Promote 1: 1, virtual cafes and lunches

  • Integrate virtual appointments directly into the integration program.
  • Recreate a human dynamic

Continue to train yourself through quizzes and challenges

  • Create quizzes about the theme you want
  • Challenge employees to make them proactive

Organize your corporate events back to the office

  • Organize meetings between employees by area of ​​interest
  • Develop a dynamic exchange thanks to random coffee or random lunch

They trust us


Benoit Pacceu, Directeur du développement RH

“HeyTeam truly promotes interaction between employees and strengthens team spirit”

They trust us


Matthieu Riviere, Talent Management & Acquisition Director

“We set up HeyTeam to create a strong bond with our consultants from the very first moments”

They trust us

Philippe Marchal

Manager Stratégique DDRHRSo

"It's very effective. We save precious time”

They trust us


Gilles Raison, CEO

HeyTeam is a tool that we found adapted to the needs of our structure: very easy to use, it allows us to automate a large number of actions for both the manager and the HR People Team."

They trust us


Marcel Nakam, DG Jonak

"Immediately, we are able to share the ambition of our company, our culture".

They trust us


Jonathan Younes, CPO Festicket

"Saves time and improves efficiency. For a company that recruits a lot like us, it's a must-have".

They trust us


Ornellay Paysé, HR Manager

"No more Google docs shared by 18 people and we don't know who does what anymore. We live again!"

They trust us


Mathilde Neiman, COO

"The simplicity and modernity of the application have made life easier for our employees".

They trust us


Céline Hocde, HR Manager

"The handling is simple and the interface playful, and appreciable which corresponds to the expectations of the new generations".

They trust us

L'éclaire de génie

Jabert, HR manager

"You only get one chance to make a good first impression. And HeyTeam has helped us reduce our turnover."


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