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A new fundraising for HeyTeam

HeyTeam receives €10 millionin funding to establish itself as a leader in employee experience

Paris, April 4, 2022 - HeyTeam, a SaaS platform forlarge-scale personalized employee journey, announced today that it has raised€5.1 million from the Franco-Italian fund 360 Capital Partners, the Spanishcompany Alliron, and HR Tech expert business angels: Axel and Hugo Manoukian (MoovOne),Jonathan Azoulay ( and Olivier Severyns (Snaphisft). The funding iscompleted by €5 million in debt. It will enable the innovative company, foundedin 2017 by Nathaniel Philippe, to continue its trajectory as the European leader in onboarding and in all the key and recurring moments of the employee journey for large companies and MidCaps. This new financial stage will result in the reinforcement of its agile, scalable and agnostic technology. To this end, the company will double its workforce in the coming months. 

Onboarding, the process of integrating a new employee, is where it all began for HeyTeam. When, between 2007 and 2017,Nathaniel Philippe ran Cafeyn, the digital news stand with millions of users that he had co-founded, he was faced with the simultaneous arrival of hundreds of new employees. Like any company director, he wanted to increase their commitment and loyalty by ensuring that their arrival took place under the bestpossible conditions ... without exhausting his HR director. At the time, allthat was available to him were excel spreadsheets or static, transactional HRIS tools, focused on administrative tasks and without any communication with the employees. 

Nathaniel Philippe decided to transform his experience and create HeyTeam in 2017, the first connected and employee-focused tool for an adapted, personalized, fun and deployable on a large scale employee experience support. HeyTeam now supports more than 200 large and medium-sized companies (SNCF, Naqaparo (ex Buffalo Grill), Jellysmack, MAIF, Prisma, OctoTechnology, Kiloutou) with 50,000 users in 70 countries, no matter thei rissues, processes, population and content. The security of their data across borders is at the heart of its solution, which respects the latest GDPRdevelopments.

«While the “great resignation” is about to hit France in a labor market that is already extremely tense between massive recruitment plans and shortage of talent, the retention of these candidates,once found and secured, will be the challenge of the decade [...] We are very happy and proud of this new funding which will allow us to continue to accelerate the digital transition at work. Management, trust and support for relationships between employees cannot be sustained without a solid infrastructure and good tools.»
Nathaniel Philippe, founder of HeyTeam

In a people activation approach,inspired by marketing automation, HeyTeam alerts and places the right messages to the right people at the right time. The platform proactively proposes actions that increase the well-being, commitment and loyalty of employees. By anticipating the increasing recurrence of moments that require support(non-linear career paths, sabbaticals, parental leaves, burn-outs, salary increases, retrainings, moving abroad), the significant differences of situations (work-study, internships, part-time work, remote working,disability), and the need for companies to adapt to new situations veryquickly, HeyTeam supports onboarding, offboarding, and even reboarding(management of the return to work following a long absence). Other use cases for personalized pathways may be: Recognition, Wellbeing, Risk/crisismanagement, Alumni experience, Parenting/work balance, Diversity &inclusion or Mental Health. 

The startup uses no-code to automate the creation of paths without the need for developers. It is agnostic, allowing it to connect with existing corporate tools, ATS, LMS and HRIS. Alerts and triggers can automatically generate workflows or paths. For example, from the HRIS, the platform can automatically generate a support pathway for new managers.

«It was the excellence and ease of use of the technology implemented by the HeyTeam team, as well as the exceptional feedback from users, that made us realise why Heyteam was different. We are delighted to be supporting this innovative company which is becoming a category definer, i.e. the bridgehead of a newcategory, People Activation, the keystone of large-scale customisable userexperience.»
Thomas Nivard, VCInvestor at 360 Capital.
«We've been following the latest trends on workflow automation and see in HR animmense opportunity for a new age of SaaS platforms to emerge. Nathaniel'svision captures every aspect of it, with an obvious pain being solved across complex and sizable organizations, and we see how attractive this value proposition is for them. Hopefully, we will be able to play a role in helping the company expand this vision across new markets.»
HugoFernández Mardomingo, Co-Managing Partner of All Iron Ventures.

About Heyteam : 

About 360 Capital

HeyTeam is a SaaS platform that supports theemployee journey in a personalised, adapted and fun way that can be deployed ona large scale. Currently working with more than 200 companies (SNCF, Naqaparo (exBuffalo Grill), Jellysmack, MAIF, Prisma, Octo Technology, Kiloutou), thestartup is omniscient of all the key moments of employees for a unique human experience: from onboarding to offboarding, through mobility management, and manager support. Created in 2018, the platform having tripled its turnover in one year, has generated 500,000 employee journeys and has 50,000 users. The company has raised €11.4m and now employs 30 people.  

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360 Capital is a Venture Capital firm focusing on early stage, innovative deeptech and digital enterprises across Europe. The firm has a 20-year track record of supporting talented tech entrepreneurs indeveloping ambitious and disruptive companies in a variety of sectors. Led by a diverse and experienced team of professionals located in Paris and Milan, 360Capital has over €400M of assets under management and an active portfolio of over 50 companies.

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About All Iron

All Iron Ventures partners up with bold founders promoting innovative startups. We mainly invest in the early stages of European companies that aspire to reshape the future of both consumers and enterprises through technology. Based in Bilbao, Spain, and with approximately€110Mn under management, All Iron Ventures was promoted by the founders of Ticketbis, a global marketplace sold to eBay in 2016, in what is one of the main success stories in Spain’s startup ecosystem.
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À propos d’Heyteam :

HeyTeam est une plateforme SaaS d’accompagnement du parcours collaborateurpersonnalisé, adapté, ludique et déployable à grande échelle. Travaillant actuellementavec plus de 200 entreprises (Décathlon, SNCF, Kiloutou, DevoTeam, Veolia), la startup estomnisciente de tous les moments clés des salariés pour une expérience humaine unique :de l’onboarding à offboarding en passant par la gestion des mobilités, et l’accompagnementdes managers. Créée en 2018, la plateforme ayant en un an triplé son chiffre d’affaires, agénéré 500 000 parcours employés et compte 50 000 utilisateurs. La société a levé 16,9 M€ et emploie aujourd’hui 30 personnes.

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À propos de 360 Capital :

360 Capital est une société de capital-risque qui investit dans l’innovation digitale et ladeeptech en Europe. Depuis 20 ans, elle accompagne des entrepreneurs talentueuxdans la création d’entreprises technologiques à forte croissance. Dirigée par une équipeexpérimentée basée à Paris et à Milan, 360 Capital gère 400 millions d’euros d’actifs et unportefeuille de plus de 50 participations.

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