Get engagement from in-house or teleworking teams

HeyTeam helps you get feedback, coach your managers, communicate, strengthen team cohesion, and much more!

Take the pulse with your teams using our template library

  • Take your teams' pulse using our template library.
  • Analyze using our statistics system

Coach your managers in a fun way with challenges & nudges

  • Provide managers with a library of content around soft skills
  • Perform challenges or nudges
  • Adapt challenges and advice based on employee feedback

Communicate effectively with your teams

  • Send messages in a fun way (video, gif, text) to your employees or only to certain teams
  • Analyze who in your team saw your message

Strengthen the link between your employees

  • Organize a live quiz on your favorite themes (90s, General Knowledge, Movies, Music ...) and challenge each other between different departments (sales vs. Marketing, HR vs. Finance, etc.).
  • Get your employees to meet (physically or virtually) over coffee, lunch or by area of ​​interest
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