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About the Mutualité de la Réunion

The Mutualité Française is present throughout France with nearly 92 mutual insurance companies federated by the Réunion Regional Union, nearly 20 mutual health care and support services structures and more than 170,000 people protected by mutual insurance companies in the region. The Mutualité de la Réunion is both :

  • A Union that federates local mutuals and sections of mutuals
  • A major player in the Social Economy in Reunion Island
  • A group of companies present in multiple sectors such as insurance, optics, hearing aids, funeral homes, travel, well-being...
  • A public health player that invests a significant portion of its financial results in prevention and health promotion, primarily in three areas: the fight against diabetes, "aging well" and sun prevention (combating the harmful effects of UV rays).

Present throughout the island with numerous agencies and employees in many different professions, the mutual insurance company has to manage significant and diverse human resources constraints.

"We cover nearly 20% of the population of Reunion Island "Mariette Petitdant

A specific need in onboarding

"We have rather important needs in personnel" says Mariette Petitdant, recruitment officer at Mutualité de la Réunion. "New recruits have to understand the company's challenges very quickly. However, the guidelines were not always well understood, and the trainings were not always well applied during the first weeks". 😨

In order to achieve its objectives, the Mutualité de la Réunion has placed its trust in HeyTeam for the management of its arrivals. The human and modern aspect of the platform was appreciated by the employees as was the personalized message from the manager at the beginning of the process.

"We immediately liked the gamified aspect of the platform! " Mariette Petitdant

The modern design of the platform and the gamified side of the onboarding arouses the interest of our collaborators" reports Mariette Petitdant. She confirms that onboardee are better able to follow their training path through their access to the HeyTeam tool. Once the task is completed, the employee unlocks the next level and can move on to the next step. This makes the process of upgrading "more fun" and better monitored. Managers and employees alike can track their progress on their training program with a tracking gauge.

Another challenge for the HR teams was to be able to better manage the collection of administrative documents such as the documents to be transmitted, the choice of health insurance company or the signing of electronic documents. Here again, HeyTeam "delivered on its promise" by providing great flexibility on the type of document that can be retrieved, ensuring automatic reminders, and allowing teams to get rid of the most monotonous tasks...

Digitizing the integration process and training with a platform focused on employee experience has enabled us to support the Mutualité de la Réunion in its numerous recruitments and to respond to its problems. It has also enabled the company to improve its employer brand among its employees. Mariette Petitdant tells us that the turnover has "significantly decreased", which makes it possible to reduce this cost which can be very important. ✌🏼

+25% increase in employee commitment
10 hours saved by onboarding
-15% of turnover

In summary :

A trusted solution, RGPD compliant, and providing total security

Smooth process flow and time savings for HR teams

A boosted employer brand and quality employee experience

Willingness to develop the platform for other uses such as internal mobility or departure.

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