Top 5 of best digital team building

A team building is an essential element in the life of a company. In the space of a few hours, they contribute to the long-term strengthening of team cohesion, motivation and well-being of employees, and can also reinforce their skills. Whether they are educational, fun or even more festive, it is in any case a highly anticipated event for all employees. In fact, there is something for everyone!

Yes, but that's it: the coronavirus crisis has gone through and changed things. Between social distancing, teleworking and periods of confinement, it becomes difficult for many to imagine a team building worthy of the name...

If you're one of them, you'd be wrong! Even at a distance, there are a thousand and one ways to bring teams together. Giant Escape game, 90's quizzes, home cooking or digital yoga: there's no shortage of ideas! Discover them in our top 5 team building ideas to organise from a distance...

1) Escape Game Digital 🕵️♂️

The escape game has become so popular that it is no longer presented. What you may not know, however, is that escape game hasn't always been played in person... since it was born online!

So in the current circumstances, why not return to this interactive form and organise a digital escape game? As with traditional escape games, there's something for everyone: ghost hunters, infiltrated spies, criminals on the run... They all plunge the collaborators into a sensational mission or investigation, and force them to think together to solve it.

In many cases, team spirit is one of the keys to escaping in the time allotted!

⏱️ Duration: 1 hour on average

⚙️ Set up: easy via a specialised service provider

🎯 Objective: to strengthen team cohesion and promote leadership

2) Quiz and challenges 🙋

As far as team building is concerned, the quiz has largely proved its worth... It's simple: you never get tired of it!

Easy, fast, effective, quizzes also have the advantage of reinventing themselves ad infinitum: blind-testing, general culture, the 80s, cinema... All you have to do is choose a theme and set up the teams to plunge your employees into the nostalgic atmosphere of game nights!

It's also an opportunity to take stock, in a gentle way, of your employees' skills. You could, for example, devote part of the quiz to one of your products or services in particular, and challenge the teams in the quest for the best score. At the same time, you will collect valuable data for the deployment of your HR policy. 

Objective: work without even realising it!

⏱️ Duration: 10, 20, 30 minutes... it's up to you!

⚙️ Set up: Simple!

🎯 Objectives: strengthen team cohesion and skills, maintain the spirit of competition...

3) Home Cooking 👨🍳

The two episodes of confinement made cooking an extremely popular activity among the French. It is a fact: never before have ingredients, utensils, dishes and cookery books sold so well, so much so that everyone has rediscovered the benefits of this ordinary task. 

Why not make it the flagship activity of your next team building? To help you, some agencies have come up with an extraordinary digital device: a chef who guides staff members by video, an interactive recipe that comes to life on the screen, scoring of dishes... Internally, you can also simply use your imagination: choose a theme, have your staff deliver the right ingredients, and off you go for a memorable culinary challenge!

Team spirit, creativity, precision, patience, concentration and much more: cooking also contributes to strengthening technical skills and soft skills that are particularly useful in teleworking. It is also a moment of sharing and an activity that brings people together!

⏱️ Duration: 30 min to 1 hour

⚙️ Set up: intermediate

🎯 Objectives: to facilitate social bonding, increase well-being and stimulate creativity

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4) Digital Yoga 🧘

Teleworking is often a source of stress for employees. In this context, all initiatives that can contribute to improving well-being at work are welcome... and what better activity to relax than yoga?

At a distance, that's possible too! Just like the online sports classes that were widely popular last spring, yoga is now a practice that is completely accessible online, and there's nothing simpler to set up: a teacher, a videoconference... and that's it!

More than ever, yoga and meditation are particularly beneficial for both your employees and your company: employees enjoy a moment of relaxation, while working on their concentration and self-control. 

⏱️ Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

⚙️ Set up: easy! 

🎯 Objectives: to increase well-being, prevent psycho-social risks and strengthen concentration

5) Virtual cinema 🎥

The health crisis has deprived your employees of the pleasures of cinema and theatre. Never mind! Simply invite your employees to a 100% virtual session, by broadcasting a film, a saga or a series by videoconference, or even by calling on a troupe of actors to perform a play live. Easy to set up, it is also a good way to create social links: for example, you can take advantage of this opportunity to launch a debate, share your top 10 Christmas films or give your employees unusual Caesars. Anything is possible with a theme as rich as culture!

You don't even have to turn it into a full-fledged team building event. At any time of the year, no doubt your teams would be delighted to get together from time to time for a cultural 5 à 7, and share something other than their work problems...

With the help of an agency, you can also offer your employees the chance to become actors for a day, by shooting their own short film or dubbing a cult film. There's nothing like this to facilitate integration and foster teamwork while keeping your staff in a good mood!

⏱️ Duration: 1h30 to 2 hours

⚙️ Set up: Intermediate

🎯 Objectives: to promote culture, social cohesion, teamwork and creativity.

If the simplest way is to call on a specialised service provider who will organise your team building from A to Z, you can also create the event with a reduced budget and a little imagination. Creative challenges, talent shows, murder parties, TV games... The least we can say is that you have the choice! The important thing is that it's a change from the metro-work-sleep and that everyone has fun 🙂

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