Onboarding: the most important step in the employee path 💪🏻

Carl Fritjofsson has acquired a solid experience as co-founder of 4 start-ups in the space of 10 years such as Rewind in the United States. He is also a board member of several successful start-ups and now VC. This entrepreneur has found that this process is essential to train and retain employees.

Numerous studies support his view. According to the Society Human Resource Management (SHRM) association, 69% of employees who have followed an onboarding program will stay at least 3 years 🙌🏼!

How do you integrate new recruits? ✍🏼

Recruitment is to search, meet, evaluate, negotiate, hire a candidate, but not only!

One of the fundamental parts of this process is to set up onboarding 🔑. This will allow a new employee to be fully integrated into his new team. So this part 👐🏼 should not be neglected. But as Mercedes Chatfield-Taylor of Caldwell Partners says, successful onboarding requires a solid foundation and a transparent plan 🙏🏻.

Several steps are then required to successfully integrate an employee 🥇

1️ Start before the start ⏳

Onboarding starts as soon as the contract is signed, it's the pre-boarding phase! This is an important step for the new recruit and for your company. Curious, the new employee will see in onboarding the possibility to take his first steps in order to start getting to know certain aspects of the company. He or she is "already part of the family even if he or she is not yet operational". This means inviting him/her to company events, team lunches, discussion groups like Slack, and assigning a sponsor with whom he/she can exchange ideas 👥.

2 Set goals 📒

One of the main uncertainties for a new employee is a combination of two facts: not knowing concretely what to do and not understanding what the company expects from him. This requires a clear plan with established and personalized objectives over 30, 60 and 90 days. This will help to create a relationship of trust between the two parties. According to Laszlo Bock in his book Work Rules!, an employee who follows an onboarding program will be 25% more efficient and faster. ✅.

3️ Communicating corporate culture 🗣

From a cultural point of view, onboarding is the most important period in an employee's time with a company. Indeed, he or she will learn and understand the company's operating methods. Our English speaking friends talk about "sponge for culture". It is necessary to make sure that the buddy can clearly explain the company culture. According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, 33% of the employees know if they will stay for a long time in the company after a week in the company 🔝.

4 Starting a new job is something exciting 💪🏻

The new employees arrive with expectations on their new job, the company, the development that is possible within it-ci👔. This has an impact on the person's social network. He will thus be able to convey the image of his new company 👀. Lauren Illovsky, Director of Operations of the Swing Talent recruitment agency, says that new employees are happy to "join a new family". It is also important to know that successful onboarding increases employee retention by 82% and productivity by 70%📈.

In a nutshell 📜

A well-prepared onboarding allows the new employee to become operational more quickly. Clear and personalized objectives create a relationship of trust between managers and onboardee. The latter will assimilate the company culture during his integration and be more productive.

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