Onboarding at Google & Facebook

In this article, I would like to share with you the original onboarding programs of two American giants: Google and Facebook. Indeed, these tech companies have well understood the stakes of onboarding new employees and have made it a priority. So are you ready for an immersion in the heart of Silicon Valley? ✈️

👨❤️👨 In its integration process for new employees, Google focuses on practical and cognitive learning to create connections between employees. Their employee integration strategy focuses on different activities that require group work and coordination to prevent some new recruits from becoming isolated.

⌚️ Google has also set up a "just-in-time" alert system: 📧 an e-mail reminder is sent to the new recruit's manager the day before their arrival. The aim is to encourage him to perform 5️⃣ small tasks that have an impact on the newcomer's productivity :

1️ Have a discussion about roles and responsibilities ;

2️ Assign a buddy;

3️ Start building a network within the company;

4️ Set up employee integration check-ins once a month for the first 6 months;

5️ Encourage open dialogue to reduce the risk of internal conflicts.

👶🏼 According to Chief Information Officer @Facebook, Tim Campos, the first 45 minutes of onboardee are critical.

😯 For Facebook's management, the company needs to generate immediate interest in the company's culture and work to make employees more productive. Mission, culture and values are brought to the forefront during this integration phase.

🏢 According to Campos, rather than focusing on abstract discussions about what the new recruit can do, it is better to familiarize the onboardee with the practical aspects of the job.  Activities that explain the company's values, roles, missions and practices are therefore planned in advance. It should also be noted that the preparation of the workstation and software is done before the new recruit arrives.

🇺🇸 Even more original, all engineers who join Facebook, regardless of their training, product, office or seniority, are invited to participate in a six-week bootcamp at the Menlo Park headquarters.

💻 Here, engineers not only get to know the Facebook code base, but also get a glimpse of the company's culture. As an engagement tool, engineers are tasked with writing code to solve problems from day one. This gives them real, hands-on experience.

🎉 Participating in this Bootcamp is also a source of motivation for new engineers and gives them a feeling of instant gratification. It ensures that employees seize all the opportunities Facebook has to offer.

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