Netflix onboarding

Poorna Udupi, an engineer at Netflix told in an article Quora about her onboarding. Here are the main points.


A job offer with its salary + stock package was printed and offered to him at the end of his second round of interviews, which means that Netflix had already received all the feedback regarding his recruitment.

💻 Hardware

His phone and computer, which he was able to choose the day before he arrived by phone, were delivered to him on the first day at Netflix.


He was assigned a mentor to guide him through his first few days.


A mini-training guide explaining the different technologies used at Netflix and a presentation of colleagues who could be useful to him accelerated his training.

📅 Meetings

A meeting with several Directors during its first quarter enabled him to understand the company's ethics and aspirations.

Reed Hastings, the CEO, also met with him and took the time to introduce himself to all the new recruits at a group meeting during the first quarter.

💪 Everyday work

The responsibilities given to newcomers are immediately very important. In particular, he was able to "deliver" an application on Apple TV only 4 months after joining the team.

His first production push was possible within the first week.

It's easy to understand why a fast-growing company like Netflix, which is spread over several sites, has taken great care to ensure that their integration process is carefully managed in order to hire their new recruits from the very first days and offer a quality employee experience.

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Sources: How Netflix reinvented HR

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