Commitment & Collaborator Experience 👍 : the Jellysmack case

On Friday, April 17, 2020, we had the chance to exchange with Ornella Amsellem in a webinar. Currently Human Resources Director at Jellysmack, team cohesion was the theme of this discussion.

Jellysmack is an American company created by French people and specialized in the creation of online content dedicated to social networks 📱. It employs 300 people and focuses on a young audience. One of its strengths lies in working with many influencers based on everyday passions (fashion, sports, cooking, etc...).

What will you learn?

- Best practices for maintaining coordination from a distance

- Reinforce the corporate culture and maintain friendly moments

- How HeyTeam can help a company with telecommuting

How to maintain coordination in telework 💻?

Ornella Amsellem tells us that the company had to get organized in just a few days following the announcement of the containment. "Team cohesion has a major role to play in our company," she says.

Jellysmack had been able to test alternate teleworking a few days before the official announcement on March 17 on part of the workforce. This initiative enabled them to point out some apparent dysfunctions on various subjects: technical, relational, basic, etc...


Following statements by some employees such as "I'm not comfortable teleworking 🤦🏾" or simply "I don't know how to do 🤷♂️", an explanatory guide was shared with them. It is 5/6 pages containing methods, advice, contacts and many other things to reassure the teams.

How to reinforce the corporate culture from a distance?

Little by little, Jellysmack has created its own identity by building a strong corporate culture linked to experience and common passions. These values represent a pillar and a very important link in order to keep customers engaged and concerned by their core business.

"The objective was to have a more innovative approach to communication," says Ornella.

To respond to this issue, the company developed an internal communication by creating an Instagram page 📷 dedicated to employees.

Another cohesion practice was to focus on returns and possible requests. The cultural manager sent 50 messages a day just to check in. Ornella emphasizes that "It's extremely valuable because employees feel valued". Problems can therefore be detected before they occur.

This gesture is a benevolent one, because the HR teams are not there to "monitor their work," as our guest told us several times.

How do you maintain a rhythm and recreate convivial moments?

When you're teleworking, it's difficult to set the rhythm of your day. At Jellysmack, automatic messages such as break reminders and recommendations are sent.

In-house events are also organized, such as a coffee every morning via webcam, or aperitifs and snacks.

These moments are key to recreate convivial moments and create a group dynamic. Quizzes 🎮 or challenges are also present. "They are fans of challenges, it's something that motivates them a lot," Ornella jokes.

Each company will feel more in tune with certain activities, but these rituals really help maintain team cohesion and reinforce motivation and well-being during teleworking time.

How does HeyTeam contribute to facilitating teleworking at Jellysmack?

HeyTeam is an innovative solution to address the problems JellySmack has encountered when implementing teleworking. Communication made difficult by telecommuting is probably the point that JellySmack was most affected by, and Heyteam was able to help with this.

The messaging and event planning system 📅 between collaborators has enabled them to maintain a corporate life.

Today, HeyTeam also has a feedback feature that allows the manager to collect feedback from employees and to propose challenges based on the answers collected.

Above all, HeyTeam enables new recruits to integrate and experience the company fully, even when teleworking, thanks to its digital onboarding service.

To remember :

  1. Don't hesitate to reassure your teams to ensure team cohesion.
  2. Keeping in touch with your employees is extremely valuable
  3. Maintaining a rhythm and recreating convivial moments helps to create a group dynamic.

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